Lyrics of FEBRE AMARELA (Deluxe Edition)

About FEBRE AMARELA (Deluxe Edition)

FEBRE AMARELA (Deluxe Edition) is an album by Flora Matos, DEREK, Síntese, Don L, Coruja BC1, Sain, ONNiKA, Froid, Yungbuda7k, Zudizilla, WillsBife, Duzz, Yunk Vino, NP Vocal, KK Ousado, Kayode, Coruja Bc1, Derek, Nave, Dalua, Yung Buda, Sintese, Florence Lil Flowers, Geenuino, o PAI. It was released on December 14, 2020 and contains 8 tracks with lyrics.It perfectly describes the following genres: Funk Carioca, Brazilian Hip Hop, Brazilian Reggae. The most popular tracks on this album are ROLLIE, NADA (Remix), DESEJOS (Remix).