Lyrics of ПАЦАНЫ II


ПАЦАНЫ II is an album by Хаски (Husky), David Banner, Varsity (rap), ЛАУД (LAUD), Ганвест (Gunwest), GLEBASTA SPAL, Basic Boy, Tilmil, DFYSAGA, Illumate, GONE.Fludd, CAKEBOY, Kid Sole, BadCurt, DOPECLVBWORLD, Trap House Magazine, GLAM GO GANG!, LA LE, GONE.Fludd & Lottery Billz, GONE.Fludd & IROH, Pixelord, GONE.Fludd & M00NCHILD. It was released on November 18, 2020 and contains 1 tracks with lyrics.It perfectly describes the following genres: Dirty South Rap, Gangster Rap, Hip Hop. The most popular tracks on this album are Пули (Bullets).