Lyrics of The Fifties

About The Fifties

The Fifties is an album by Lupe Fiasco, Bobby V, GFOTY, Carl Fontana, Vido Musso, Rudy Egan, Bucky Jones, Bobby Troup, Jimmy Cook, Bill Perkins, Bob Lawson, Lennie Niehaus, Don Rendell, Harry Klein, Ed Leddy, Vinnie Tano, Sam Noto, Lee Katzman, Phil Gilbert, Bob Fitzpatrick, Kent Larsen, Don Kelly, Irving Rosenthal, Al Porcino, Billy Hodges, Bobby Steed, Charlie Walp, Eddie Butterfield, Bob Enevoldsen, Autie Goodman, Charlie McClean, Eddie Weid, Carson Smith. It was released on November 01, 2010 and contains 3 tracks with lyrics.It perfectly describes the following genres: Alternative Hip Hop, Chicago Rap, Conscious Hip Hop. The most popular tracks on this album are Bobby, I See You, Dots & Lines.