All of My Days

All of My Days Lyrics

JAY-Z, R. Kelly, Changing Faces

[Intro: R Kelly, Jay Z]
Changing Faces, Jay Z, R Kelly
Uh, yeah, Jigga, uhu
Changing Faces

[Verse I: Jay Z]
How we do
Yo, all of my rhymes for, all of my days I trade
All of my dimes and all of my bad ways I fade
Killing late nights cruisin'
All you see is the brake lights
And hair blowing you know where we going
Or at the club in the rear frontin'
Poppin, droppin'
The amount some cats but will wear ain’t trying to hear nothing
Probably was wilder than Bobby are you the Whitney to get me
Hold me down and make me slow down the v twizzy
Keep the ice out the club lights change face
Get "i love wifey" on the license plates
Wait – make me think about you even when you not around
Use the bathroom, put the toilet seat back down
Cop you some sprinkles the hound with the wrinkles
If preferred his and her furs to the ankles
Keep your friends buggin' lovin' all my ways
Jigga keep you jiggy all of my days

[Pre-Hook: Changing Faces]
In the middle of the night
Got me thinkin' 'bout you babe
Got me dreamin' 'bout you baby

[Hook: Changing Faces]
All that I have
All that I have
Baby it's yours
Baby it's yours forever and ever baby
All I want is to be with you all of my days
All I want all I need
All I want is to be with you all of my days
All I want baby

[Bridge: Changing Faces]
Anything that turn you on
I'll be givin' it to you babe
You dont have to worry baby

(Hook: Changing Faces)

[Interlude: Jay Z]
Yeah ha ha, check it

[Bridge: R Kelly, Jay Z]
All I want, all I need
Is you in my life, loving me
All I want, all I need
Is you in my life (Uh huh)
Loving me

[Verse II: Jay Z]
Now we going house shoppin'
Everybody want to know the price your spouse droppin'
Keep it on the low R Kelly style it’s quite shockin'
A year ago all I did was spend nights hoppin'
In the club in search of pretty faces and nice stockings
Who would have thought i’d walk down the aisle
Rice droppin' got you a nice rock and …
Now it’s on and poppin' droppin' hotter than platinum bracelets
Jigga – R Kelly – Changing Faces

[Hook: Changing Faces]

About All of My Days

All of My Days is taken from the album "All Day, All Night" by JAY-Z, R. Kelly, Changing Faces. It has a duration of 03:59. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: All of My Days