Backstage Freestyle

Backstage Freestyle Lyrics

JAY-Z, Andr

[Jay Z Verse 1]

f**k what they all say
n***as can't stop me with rumors, Im too strong
All day, socks exploding sweat pants pockets is bulging
Holding it down on the corner with my block frozen
My spot is rolling, drop the price of the coke and
Drove the competition out and let the doe flow in
The cops is closing in, I can do the time
But whats really on my mind, there ain't no ho's in the pen
I play the low and try to make it hard to find me
Feds still tryna build a case since 93

[DMX Verse 2]

Yo, moves is made, n***as is paid, that's just how it is
When my time is up, Ima be out but ima try to live
I'm eating day by day ain't nothing sweet about it
Act like you don't know what I'm saying and they'll read about it
Built for war like an armadillo
Smother your ass with 2 through the pillow
Cause my sh*t is brillo
Manic depressive and my head hurts
Yo, give me your doe and your ho
And here take these four hot things, I got things
That make n***as spin, put n***as in the wind
Where you never see n***as again
I bless a n***a with stitches, the thin type
And a straight razor will put pin stripes, across your wind pipes

[ Hashim Hakim Verse 3]

Start off my day and I'm off and running and I miss my gun
I'm often blessed but not these days cause its no longer fun
I am way worse then a banger with 8 bullets left in the chamber
Can't imagine the danger, when you done got these bow ties angered
When strangers p*ssed me off, I got high to control it
You think I don't get tempted, that would be a lie if I told it, can't hold it
Outside opposition , got stress on my mind
But I got inside opposition, coming from my own kind and they're blind
We walk in peace but don't provoke us, we ain't gon' run
We fight with those who fight with us but n***a I ain't the one
You n***as oughta be glad OG got hold of us
Cause if it wasn't for that man, there be no controlling us
His body laid in red rum, twisted in broken poses
Blood puddle soaked in his clothes and it look like roses
Smelling Folgers and Moses couldn't save him
We leaving the way we came, As-salamu alaykum

About Backstage Freestyle

Backstage Freestyle is taken from the album "Backstage" by JAY-Z, Andr. It has a duration of 02:02. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
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