Dead or Alive, Part 2 (Disses 2pac)

Dead or Alive, Part 2 (Disses 2pac) Lyrics


[JAY Z: Intro]
I told y'all n***as if it wasn't a skirt it was gonna be a dress
Don't give a f**k who you are

[Verse: Jay-Z]
I makes the whole city hot like fiddy shots at idi-ots
Show him I got more then take the sh*t he got, Biatch!
Big poison and f**k up the city rots
The whole world supposing he's tryna dispose of me
You must know I give a f**k though, got a mean rebuttal
Try me! See where your luck go, you know what though?
I'm what you don't get a second chance at
Think you can chance that?
I'm laying n***as down ba'y bro
Think you can stand that?
Your train of thought derails like amtrak
My grand stack, hands free and a six; vivid jam-packed
Me, my crimees, and a couple of dime pieces
A bunch of rolexes, unlimited credit line visas
Heat is for n***as that want to touch but can't reach us
To each his own y'all can eat this chrome
Leave him speechless when the lead reaches his dome
Life ain't nothing but beaches and homes

About Dead or Alive, Part 2 (Disses 2pac)

Dead or Alive, Part 2 (Disses 2pac) is taken from the album "Dead Or Alive" by JAY-Z, Hanne Krogh, JAY-Z SOURASHIS. It has a duration of 03:41. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: Dead or Alive, Part 2 (Disses 2pac)