Down 4 My n*ggaz

Down 4 My n*ggaz Lyrics

Lil Wayne, DJ Poyo

[Lil' Wayne]

Let's go
Im bouta to murda dis sh*t [2x]
Its ya boy WEEZY BABY!
Holla, ay aye
(Verse 1)
b*t*h im down with my squiddys
And i ride for the cause
Its the s-q boy with the big f**kin cars
If anybody f**ks with my sqady sqad
Ima cut ya balls off
And hand em ta ya partner
Its weezy baby tha man of tha hour
Uptown candidate hollygrove stand up
Ima supa fly still ice my whole band up
Still hit cha man up
Still got my grands up
And rather flowin on tha beat
Or i catch u in tha street
b*t*h i still got ur hands up
Man up - sqad up i won't deny it
But im a f**kin rider
Shout at cha nagga
Pop at cha mama behind my sqad
b*t*h i got birdman and ryan behind my sqad
Like 100 million dallas behind my sqad
And anybody wanna follow behind my uh ah
Catch me in tha drop top
Me and supa blanca
22s jumpin in tha street we playin hop scotch
Any fools jumpin in tha streets we sayin bloaka
Coke move lovely angie we sayin halla
Man we say powda heroin - grass - ex
Pistols - bullets - verses - sex
Weezy versus who evers ur best
f**k a hot 16 i mac-11 ya chest
Gatta watch these n***as turnin elliot ness
Give my milli a prest
Leave ya belly a mess
Tell ya b*t*h give my celly a rest
She love me becuz im coachin her handbag chanelin her dress
And when im in ya crib
Im slidin out ger ribs
And she tell me tha rest
But i tell her whatever
Next time i drop by ima leave you a letter
Sayin weezy baby no one could do it better

Cuz f**k them other n***as cuz tha sqad is my n***as
Yea f**k them other n***as cuz tha sqad is my n***as
Yea f**k them other n***as cuz tha sqad is my nggaz
And if you ain't sqad then you not my n***a
Haha thats how that sh*t gon man - this ya boy weezy baby
When you see me in tha streets
Man do not say lil wayne
Say weezy baby
Halla ta cha boys man
Ill still doin it with my boy fee
Ya gatta feel me
Thats tha boy aka mr.enron
Yall ready know
Dirty money clean money get some money yakhamsayin
b*t*h - young money cash money old money whatever mna
This ya boy man
I could talk a whole lotta sh*t man
I could wake ya grandfather up
Yall ready kno man
Im tha f**kin birdman jr - im tha birdman jr
Man like what stunta said yount heard
Hahah they wanna knoe if i got birds
b*t*h i got 20s i got 22s i got 24s i got 23s
I even got 19s but dont tell nobody
Man im tha boy man yall n***as can't f**k with me
I got my n***a gudda gudda right here wiht me
And if you - if you talk dawg tha boy gon kill you i swear ta god
I put it on my daddy
Man i got cha boy young yo
If ya b*t*h talk tha boy gon f**k her man
I swear ta god man
I got my boy raj hight here man
If ykno how ta rap tha boy will put a fire track ta ya ass
Man and i swear ta god man
On tha real man i got my n***a supa right here
Man if you buyin work my boy got it man i swear ta god man
I got my boy t-t.redd we call him t.streets
Why cuz if you f**k with him hell git real street
I swear ta god man
I got my boy tessy pooh
Man tha boy know how ta do all kinds of mathematician type sh*t
Man i swear ta god man
We on this sh*t
Man we got this sh*t
We ready man
On the real
On the real yount even kno how i got tha boy nut
Man who want spit against my boy
He gon burn em i swear ta god nut flame
My n***a raw dizzy man iont think nobody in the world can f**k with this n***a
If you think you can f**k with this n***a
You gatta be out cha f**kin mind
I swear ta god man
Its ya boy weezy baby
And if you got b*t*h watch her
I swear ta god man

About Down 4 My n*ggaz

Down 4 My n*ggaz is taken from the album "Gudda Muzik, Vol. 1" by Lil Wayne, DJ Poyo. It has a duration of 04:10. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Trap, New Orleans Rap.
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