Drunk Tongue

Drunk Tongue Lyrics

Wu-Tang Clan, Wu-Tang, Killa Sin

[Intro: Killa Sin]
Homicide city sh*t
Homicide city sh*t
Yeah-yeah, homicide, yo

[Verse: Killa Sin]
You see the neck lit, fist glisten, chain drippin’, lane shiftin’
Ridin’ dirty, dirty got that thang know I stay grippin’
Facin’ life with it or without it, b*t*h, it's same difference
Lames drippin’, if it's day or night I'mma bang with it
Situation's sittin’, n***a's broke and they can't fix it
Dough is all I know, so if you slip it then I can't miss it
Can’t mention Sin and broke n***as in the same sentence
Got the game twisted, mane listen, say pimpin’. What you pushin’?
Product pumping like a piston hardly getting by
Or probably getting high off what you pitchin’, while we sitting fly
Tryin' keep it simplified, moving like we semper fi
My n***as is born to ride, y'all n***as get sent to die
All you do is mention I, general exemplify
Sin City been gritty, 10-city enterprise
About to make it 25, utilize my witty mind
To improvise my goal to reach the all-time city high
You don't want the semi flying nine at your hemi fine
All you gotta do is send me time you got plenty time
Mad cause my ones up and scared cause my guns bust
God's mind is divine, I'll shine on you dumbf**ks
Sin never dumb struck, dram'in on the [?] pumps
On any man in the face and like sanitation dump trucks
Dodge magnum [?] big enough to slug [?]
Bubble butts job off of the couch and double dutch
Glock in a double clutch, you don't want no trouble, trust
Rug cutter you're juglar, promise you your blood'll gush
Dead smack in front of us, get clap dead you front on us
You back, ledge, you rats feds can't front on us
Stack bread like Wonder from the winter til the summer come
Upgrade to made, that's when the Benzs and the Hummers come
I ain't want to Hummer stunt, ask how I stack well
Like Maxwell n***a tryin do a little sumthin’, sumthin’

About Drunk Tongue

Drunk Tongue is taken from the album "Legendary Weapons" by Wu-Tang Clan, Wu-Tang, Killa Sin. It has a duration of 02:04. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop.