Every Morning

Every Morning Lyrics

The O’My’s, Herbster Evangelistic Team

[Produced by Whoarei (Sample), The O’My’s and Donnie Trumpet]

[Sample: Sun Ra]
My story is not a part of history
Because history repeats itself, but my story is endless
It never repeats itself
Why should it?
The sunset does not repeat itself, neither does the sunrise
Nature never repeats itself
Why should I repeat myself?

[Cassette Change]


[Hook: Chinaka Hodge] (x2)
Every Morning when I wake I can’t help but thinking of you, I’m dreaming of you (I’m dreaming of you)

[Verse 1: Ziyaad Luceō]
Let’s find the essence of life
And battle through every strife
Because somewhere between heaven and hell
Are just songs of happiness we all can yell
But I can’t sing them alone, I need you (With you)

[Bridge: The O’My’s, Ziyaad Luceō, & Chinaka Hodge] (x4)
Pretty pie, Honey Pie
Sweet like candy yams
Lips taste like butter
Watch me melt in your hands


[Verse 2: Ziyaad Luceō]
Every Morning I wake up with a smile on my face
Cause every sunrise I see is like seeing God’s face
Everything that the sun shines on is like a beautiful blessing
Because love was invested
I love the world, I love the skies, I love the birds
My eyes see clearly now but my dreams are still blurred
I love the trees, I love the breeze, I love waterfalls
I love our society’s nature of things, but it’s sad that my brothers still fall
But it’s the circle of life. Nature, Human Nature
I love our pursuit of happiness. I love all our smiles
I love the miles we go for just a small laugh
But I guess laughter is like a cleansing bath for our soul
Washing away sadness and giving colour to a black hole
I love God, I love my family, I love my friends
I love when stories that have people smiling at the end
I love what makes you, and I love what makes me
I love seeing the best we all can be
But I guess the thing I love the most is LOVE
What about you?


About Every Morning

Every Morning is taken from the album "New Every Morning" by The O’My’s, Herbster Evangelistic Team. It has a duration of 03:13. The genres of this track are: Baptist Gospel.
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