Famous Lyrics

Topic, YSX

Ayo Bobby
C'mere man
Let me talk for you lick a bit
C'mere let me talk till you feel sicken
I see ya do ya ting ya know
You out dere pushing ya music
And that's good man, respect for you now
Respect man
But yo, let me tell you 'bout them woman out here man
Need to watch your back, watch your front, watch all of that man
They don't want nothing but your cash man

[Verse 1]
I'm Bobby Sessions from Dallas, Texas
I'm a legend, I died and went to heaven
I count my blessings
I'm first, but never second
I ate my seconds, cause second guessing
That lead to stressing and then depression
I'm really focused, 2Pac Shakur
Holding a camera, smoking some weed
Picture me rollin', this ain't no biggie
I feel like Diddy, my girl sadity
Ok now did he just go and do it?
So easy does it, I feel I done it
I get my dimes right by the dozen
That's why I'm stuntin', I see you frontin'
I'm so one hundred, I count one hundreds
Down to fifties and down to twenties
I love my money
I'm postal, posted on post-its
I told you
I take my seed, plant it
Until the planet grow organic, it's hopeful
f**k yo half, I have whole foods

[Interlude 1]
I'll make sure you make fame take over you life man
You can stand up on your own two (I'm famous)
And take control of the wheel, ya know?

[Verse 2]
We arose to different levels
We a rose with different petals
On the road, I give you light
We got a bike with different pedals
I smell a lie of growing o's
Pinocchio, put out Gipedo
And on a stove, I see we hot
Because we pots with different kettles
In a race, we go to place get different medals
I smoke nicks and sit in the car, mellow

[Interlude 2]
Yo, yo, yo watch your back to man
[?] (I'm famous)
If you know who your real friends are
Who your real family is then watch you rock

[Verse 3]
Smoke nicks in a car mellow
I ride down Marsh Lane, marshmallow
Too cool don't need school, go rillo
Aye, wait, chase my dream, no pillow
They say you can't win, dark fella
This sound like passion, a lot better
I need cheese, mo' mozz-arella
Shine sign me to Roc-A-Fella
I heard yo lame flow, mine better
First class seat on plane, fly better
My next car the insides leather
Red Dodge Challenger, ride better
The earth turns, I burn good steel
I just want to turn the wheel
The earth turn, I burn good steel
But I just want turn the wheel

(Bobby, bobby, bobby, bobby...chant cont.)
Ah yeah, yeah man
Ya hear that?
How that clap feel man?
And that chant there all for you now
But remember what me said:
Anything you put your mind to
What you think you become
Now take that and run with it, my yout
(I'm famous)

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Famous is taken from the album "Famous Topics" by Topic, YSX. It has a duration of 02:39. The genres of this track are: .
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