Feelin’ Ryder

Feelin’ Ryder Lyrics

Ross Rhime, Maurim

Right About now
Killin' that sh*t inside, give it a crown now

[Verse 1: Ross Rhyme]
Why i must cry in the darkness?
All my tears that dropped to the floor
Motherf**king pieces of my life
I feel ashamed for the callin' sh*t as a life
My inside is a dead from abroad seen alive
Some say help me I'm alone in the dark
Man you're alone until you know how to climb
Kill the fear man, don't scare, I'm there
Catch my little arm, I will raise you right here
People in this world are stupid crazy
Tryna inanimate the money wanna amaze me
But I wanna tell you something real
Money will ain't come to your funeral

[Hook x1]
Come and see the Feelin' Ryder
We makin' emotions even wider
Hope we can get the yielding higher
Look at the sun it's gettin' brighter

[Verse 2: Ross Rhyme]
When i recognize the fake friends, tale ends for now
They all around me till ma pocket shine wit' the money
I must go, honey, makin' guns, and the bombs
Shoot em' in the head and drop their crowns
Makin' bloody party, dance on their tombs
Nobody can rule you now they ain't have tongues
I'm still riding wit' ma group K.A.F.E
We will make a change that everybody can see
Grown-up with the Pac, B.I.G. Eazy-E
Get hype with' the Dre, Snoop D-O-double-G
Maybe I'm young and i still wrong
If the life hits we must rise strong
Stop smokin' coke all day long
If we won't unite then
Everybody'll die alone

About Feelin’ Ryder

Feelin’ Ryder is taken from the album "Asylum for the Feelings" by Ross Rhime, Maurim. It has a duration of 03:39. The genres of this track are: .
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