Hello Lyrics

Gucci Mane, Chance the Rapper, Anthony Vincent

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
I'm gonna find you and make you want me
Hello rap game, nǐ hǎo, how you durrn'?
I done took my time, now it's time to take my turn
My curses been in verses since my firstest brain cells burnt
But I done been deferred to assistants and interns
And I done been on hold for some years, it's getting old
I'm too blessed to fit the mold, they said press six to give your soul
Or not and you can hold, you ain't never gonna explode
Or expand across the globe, but look like I just skipped the cold
Hello all up in your ear, you should hear me loud and clear
We was not allowed in here, and now we smoking loud in here
How we in the game and they ain't put a chain on them
Cleaning in that thing and my Sprite don't got a stain on it
Lil Xan f**k the Chance up, Donnie Trumpet said bands up
Donnie McClurkin said stand up
I know contracts are like handcuffs
I know combat when it's hand to hand or with handguns
I know answers, I know man to man, can't stand us
I know exactly how you wanna brand us
I take campers to the campus fix the trips and get the bus
Fast like Twista mixed with Bust
When Windy lost boys I had pixie dust for a pick me up
Spit shine 'til it's crystal clean like Listerine from a Dixie cup
Mama Jann band-aid kiss the cut
Now I'm thinking about offices and mansions with amenities
And runneth over pools and infinities
Award shows and house wives and games shows and Hennessy
It's different from the energy I see being in your vicinity
Mistaken identity, you behaving differently
(Ayo Chance, don't stop now n***a)
You the protest you the marches
You on the forefront you the farthest
You the melanin in the darkness
Wrong number what a shame
You and I look just the same
That's why I got you in my name
Lets push it to the masses give them wavy, give them Surf
One time shout-out to Bust, I know this a long ass verse
But I'm just getting started I'm taking this rap sh*t global
Put my music in the museum, put my bars in Barnes and Noble
Shape the office like an oval, make the triangle a circle
Teach the little boys and girls, tell them I was your referral
I'm Chicago like a gyro, I'm Chicago like some harolds
I will borrow from the Boroughs , show tomorrow to the world
Place the urban and the rural, make the wall into a Mural
Lead it where it need to be, they jocking like a Nitti beat
Now they cannot get rid of me, bye, bye to the industry
Lionel Richie is it me? hello?

[Interlude: Chance The Rapper (Busta Rhymes)]
(Chance The Rapper sing it to 'em)
Is it me you're looking for?
Gonna find you
And make you want me

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Bust Rhymes it come with the force and lay it across
Hit you like I'm playing lacrosse
And if it was July I'd drop it on the day of the fourth
The fire make you bust a shot
Pull a string and get lost
Stinging guitars (Hello)
I'm here with the floss
A chain with a frost
While the yellow diamonds shine with a gloss, I'm cold (ah)
sh*t heavy like we weighing a horse
Violate, one shot will turn your brain into sauce
Just pray I remorse
n***a you know we whip from the start
You slept on the art
Bugging on how we put out your spark
We separate the heat from corny sh*t and kept it apart
Step on a dart, spit will test the rest of your heart
No rest in the dark (hello)
We the best of the sharks, we love and we fart
And leave a mark so put it in park
Whenever we bark, we make you come and get with this n***a
Get next to this n***a, we past professional
You can call me a specialist n***a
We f**k sh*t up while you call me the best at this n***a
The way we put it down you'll be calling a censorship n***a
We holding a higher rank and we holding it back
And I'm grimey n***as home when they shank
Or they clickity clank (hello)
Now just clap from front to back and just react (what?)
Like you know you posted till you die it is the feeling (what?)
Keep on clapping get to acting up now keep on packing (what?)
All inside (is high) now feel the fire in the building
You can never test they way I do it
And the way I be moving my mouth and be
Shaking and shining and breaking em out
And making the noise I be making everytime
I be hitting a song I keep you waiting
(Real talk) real sh*t
And we'll see where y'all coulda come from
I'll hit you with another mega after the fact
And they want me to go a little quicker
Get a bit of this then (bududududu) what's faster than that?
(Hello) And I ain't going no where
It's me, Busta Bust
Smooth Chance The Rapper
Text move big up

Just know
God got his hand on us
I feel so good about me
Trust this
We good over here
I pray that you're good over there
(Hello) we don't lose
But by losing us
That might be a significant loss for you

About Hello

Hello is taken from the album "Songs in 20 Styles or More" by Gucci Mane, Chance the Rapper, Anthony Vincent. It has a duration of 02:51. The genres of this track are: Atl Hip Hop, Dirty South Rap, Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap.
Other tracks from this album include: Hello