High As Hell

High As Hell Lyrics

Wiz Khalifa, Workout Music Tv

[Hook: B.o.B]
I woke up in the morning high as hell x4
Still faded, but n***a can’t you tell
Can’t you tell, n***a can’t you tell
I woke up in the morning high as hell
Can’t you tell, n***a can’t you tell
I woke up in the morning high as hell

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
I woke up this morning so high
I probably never get low
R. Kelly, I think I can fly
But this is as high as it go
I can't recall being sober
Cause that was a trillion hours ago
You say you want to get higher than me
Well you got a billion miles to go
n***a this stone age, roll up and put it in rotation
My dro potent and make show faces
Till I'm po' baby like an old lady
So faded like some old navy in an old basement
With my OG that's fresh off of probation
I bang, bang, you be ho saving
Ran in yo ho like home invasion
When I hit up my dealer I'm so impatient
I be hightailing and ain't no debating
I know the answer to the whole equation
Always baking like a local bakery
We pass it around like a roller skating rink
I go to the club, it stay open late for me
Just rolled up a blunt and it's motivating me


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Woke up in the morning, grab some weed, a joint and rolled it
Put some cheese eggs on my stomach, I don't need it b*t*h I want it
Crib in California, got a villa in the trump
I put some converse on my feet and told my b*t*h, "let's get this money"
One joint, fourteen grams, that's a half
Blow torch on the nail, that's a dab
Space cakes, Hemp2O, I'm getting blow
Budder in a G-Pen, man I'm stoned
One hit of this wax, got him high, he don't wanna say it
Try to call my phone, but I'm gone, me and Bobby Ray
I'm smoking Kush today, tomorrow, I'm a straight shatter
Hardcore budder, lookin' like some cake batter
It make me think better, f**king up you're dead wrong
Rasta told me "fat rips make the dread long"
I took a dab, past out fly as hell


[Bridge: B.o.B.]
High, in the sky, Superman
Am I high, yes I am
I done lost my mind (4x)
In the sky, ceiling fan
Purple haze, Afghanistan
I done lost my mind (4x)


About High As Hell

High As Hell is taken from the album "40 Tabata Winter Hits 2020 Workout Session (20 Sec. Work and 10 Sec. Rest Cycles With Vocal Cues / High Intensity Interval Training Compilation for Fitness & Workout)" by Wiz Khalifa, Workout Music Tv. It has a duration of 04:14. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Southern Hip Hop, Trap.
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