Hit Different

Hit Different Lyrics

Lil Wayne, Karaoke All Hits

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Like 2 Chainz, n***a

[Refrain: Lil Wayne]
I'm different, I'm different
I'm different, I'm different
sh*t different, lit different
Drip different, sip different
Smoke different, hoes different
My bros different, I'm no different
My whip different, I'm stick shiftin'
I tip different, she quit strippin'
My b*t*h different, I just slip in
It hit different, I switch position
This d**k different, it hit different
Got her walkin' different, she sit different
My money different, my chips different
Big difference, like Miss Winfrey's
I know it cost to be the boss, I paid the difference
Like 2 Chainz, n***a, I'm different

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
I've been graveyard shiftin', makin' baseball figures
Goin' Karen in the park 'cause I hate y'all n***as
When the drought go down and the weight go fizzup
I'ma tote A-Rod, no J-Lo, n***a
Got a payroll, n***a, count like Kango, n***a
Shoot like Faygo, n***a, soft as Play-Doh, n***a
I can go anywhere that you can't go
I lay your ass down 'bout Halo
Southside, G-Road and Clayco
Can't forget about Heaven and Harmony
Ain't nobody out there harmin' me
Rock the old Atlanta like the motherf**kin' omni, calmly
I got some weapons like armory, uh
So Help Me God, solemnly, yeah
Follow me, follow me, follow me
Follow me, follow me, smellin' like lottery
Lookin' like lottery, came from the Clay like pottery
I got the rage inside of me, I got the gauge on side of me
Just checked my page, I'm proud of me
Folk out the can like potted meat
Stars in my roof, astrology
Teachin' valet the technology
Hustlin', it run through my artery
Probably trappin' and boost the economy, yeah

[Bridge: Lil Wayne]
Yeah, the feds all over me, n***a, and I don't even trap no more
Your bae all over me, n***a, but, dawg, you can have that hoe
My side b*t*h f**kin' my main b*t*h, they don't even clash no more
My side b*t*h f**kin' my main b*t*h, uh

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
I've been talkin' to myself
I told myself, "I gotta get my sh*t together" (Together)
Man this sh*t is just like Tetris
Get the bricks together, make 'em fit together (Together)
Got a line on everything
Man, I can give whatever and get this sh*t whenever (Whenever)
Uh, I can ship this sh*t wherever
Ten bathrooms, I can sh*t whenever (Whenever)
Just 'cause you see me with her
That don't mean me and the b*t*h together (Oh, no)
I've been cheatin' on my bae
And now me and bae'll f**k a b*t*h together (Oh, oh)
With two horns stickin' out the GOAT head
You know he's just the devil (Oh, oh)
And this sh*t right here, this sh*t right here

[Refrain: Lil Wayne]
This sh*t different, lit different
Drip different, sip different
The pack different, the Act' different
My bros different, I'm no different
Got no ceilings, no ceilings
No ceilings, it's missin', it's missin'
In your feelings, you're trippin'
Come up missin', good riddance

About Hit Different

Hit Different is taken from the album "2013 Pop Instrumentals, Vol. 13" by Lil Wayne, Karaoke All Hits. It has a duration of 03:28. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Trap, New Orleans Rap.
Other tracks from this album include: Hit Different