I Want You for Myself (Remix)

I Want You for Myself (Remix) Lyrics

Ghostface Killah, Another Level, Cutfather & Joe

***Chorus (repeat 2X)***
I want you for myself, I don't want nobody else
Trying it to me, or come between you & me
(Because we got a good thang)

[Another Level]
Why should I play the field, when it's you I want
I'm not that jealous type, but I ain't gonna front
We should just settle down, and stop foolin around
Becouse we both feel for each other
So why should there be those other lovers

I know what love is
So I know my feelings are true couse I feel for you
Sometimes I feel hurt, becouse I played the fool
(So lovin' you alone is wrong?)

***Chorus (repeat 2X)***

[Another Level]
Let's get the gin ammerin' and can concentrate on us
So every little girl I love is based on trust
Love is so good but there's also people
They all, there just me and you
Just the thought of you
With someone else just makes me crazy


***Chorus (repeat 2X)***

[Ghostface Killah]
Miss Dee jumped out the cab, five bags, I've seen tags
The W, new models seen my name, it prints Starks bubelgoose
This kid got ice for you miss, you heard my joints
Camay and Fish, blow a hole in the Freak'n You hype remix
My alias crush, jag me as I hop of the buss
Smackin' me, seein' me inside of you
The righteous call it lust, slow dance on my songs
And slug one last chance, as this man choppin' 3 birds off
The bone-cing advance...

***Chorus (repeat 2X)***

About I Want You for Myself (Remix)

I Want You for Myself (Remix) is taken from the album "Love Songs" by Ghostface Killah, Another Level, Cutfather & Joe. It has a duration of 04:58. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Rap, Southern Hip Hop, East Coast Hip Hop.
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