Ice Lyrics

JAY-Z, Beanie Sigel, Scarface, JAY-Z & Kanye West

Wha you have (X4).. Don't let go (X2)
The ice
The cars
The girls
The plane
The sex
The weed
The drugs
The fame
My life... (x7)

The risk
The hate
The pain
The gains
The jail
The snitch
The fake
The friends
It's all take to break a man down

Gold up in my wrist
Gold up in my chains
Diamonds looking so fancy
Dont give a f**k about what they say
We'll be turned up every night
Don't you see the success we've made
Yeah (×3)
I'm ganna party all night
I'm glad i did it for the night
A couple shots for tonight
We gat the girls going high... Yeah!
Girl i want to be happy too
But i know it only take two...of us
That's just why i met you
So we can get on with this rundevoo
I'll be like
You'll be mad
Am on tour you know what its like
Am not worried about a thing
Girl you know let's celebrate
Take this sh*t and thus away
A text from candy
Oh God! here we go again
Am in my house... you can the f**king out here
Am in my Lambo..... I gat the f**king car here
Am balling now.... get the f**king girls
Am in my house.... you can get the f**king out
(Rap) Rolled up till the morning
Turned up when you call me
Baby you know i ain't doing sh*t
I just want to make up for that
Girl you know you ain't fall for that
Bring it back you ain't use to that
Millions here i work for that
I could spend a whole for that

I'm ganna party tonight (my girl)
I'm ganna do you tonight (you know it)
Bring it back one time(my feel) yeah
Turn me up
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
Pls Don't take my life tonight
Am so alive I could do this every night
All you fake friends check again you getting stabbed back
Fame doesn't do it like I do
I just take some b*t*hes for my self I'm feeling cool
Momma use to tell what to do with all my crew
I listened took some advice well see how we do
Get it

About Ice

Ice is taken from the album "Rap Ice" by JAY-Z, Beanie Sigel, Scarface, JAY-Z & Kanye West. It has a duration of 04:15. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: Ice