If It’s On It’s On

If It’s On It’s On Lyrics

JAY-Z, If It Aint Dutch

[Intro: Ja Rule]
Who this? Who we representing?
Motherf**king Top Dawg, n***a (n***a!)
You know what I'm saying?
I don't think y'all understand!
But yo, I'ma let y'all know

[Verse 1: Ja Rule]
Spare yourself the reality of an ass whippin'
That I'm giving when I be getting tight and start flippin’
On you b*t*h ass n***as that like forming them cyphers
It gets me hyper, on the real I'ma slice ya
Light ya ass up with sixteen or more
Slugs coming from my snub-nosed bulldog
Raw to the core, let's lay down some laws
This is Ja’s house, bow down or bring the war
Motherf**kers, ya’ll don't wanna touch what's hot
What it ever be, the mic, the Glock, the drug spot
Like a b*t*h, scared of life and taking chances
And right now, you’re showing more ass then exotic dancers
The answer is this, n***as don’t want to touch
Ja live, stronger than a f**king coke rush
See, on the streets, I’ll be killing n***as like cash got
sh*t in the smash, blunts leaks with hash

[Verse 2: Infared]
Now I’m on a planet called dark in these streets I spark
3-2 get your ass sticked, so f**k a part
The enemy is in me, plus I take no prisoners
n***a is crazy, caught up getting stabbed by their little sisters
Now I’m in my own world, I sell girls with pearls
Who sip Dom P, a half a pound of ?
I roll up on Lennox, in a Lex with tenants
Go in the gambling spot with a knot, soles stomping up what's in it
I heard the n***a say short paper
But I let most get left with them hoes, I see them b*t*hes later
I’m in the motherf**king streets full of creeps and freaks
I sell rocks on blocks where the hustlers never sleep
I’m in too deep and I can’t get out, cause it’s all about the clout
Sticking d**ks in these b*t*hes mouth
I'm I-N-F-A-R and E-D, I’m from the UPT
Automatically, you can't f**k with me

That's how we do it in the 95'
It's do or die in this game, sit back and wonder why
The game is trife, the creeps creep at night
In the rap game, fake n***as get sliced

[Verse 3: Chris Black]
I sold my soul to the streets
By pumping cracks & packing heat
Scrapin' G’s where my 9 speak, your knees get weak
That calico feel so sweet, Shredding through your meat
I’m the maker now meet defeat
The sh*t was planned while bagging grams, whip scrams
I’ll be damned if a b*t*h infiltrate the fam
Class cot, clique's tight like Fort Knox
It’s war time, motherf**ker, pull your heat out your ice box
My crews clicking, black tots we pitching
Catch an ass whipping, or a slug if you get to snitching
You's a b*t*h and I can sense fear in your heart
So I spurt, crept on your crew left a dart

[Verse 4: Jay-Z]
Giuliani's got me and my crimies thinking grimy
Can’t hustle no more, got to get this money through muscle for sure
Me and my wildlife, youngins running up, gun it up
Staked out your money spot, then done it up
With gunplay, you faggots forfeit, you won Jay
Just let a n***a live to see his son, someday
Shut up, no compassion, kept blasting
sh*t, you will never catch me slipping’ sipping Mo'
It’ll be no revenge, I tie up all loose ends
Strictly business, the worst witnesses
It's you and your dead friends
I don’t just hit you with nouns, unlike these other rappers
This sh*t I spit'll make you hit the ground
When I sci-fi ‘Kappa Kappa’, the step show starts
Even in the barbershop, you don’t want no part (n***a)

[Verse 5: Black Child]
I’ve been living illegitimate since I could hold my d**k
Financially I’m fit, mentally I’m sick
This rap sh*t might keep me from doing sticks
And blowing up bricks on neighborhood strips
I put holes in n***as' souls, for real
Me and my 9 mil love to rob and steel
And my Mac 10’s my best friend
Ever since we been sticking up y’all n***as like skins
And cooking up coke for the people that smoke
I pull out my gat and everybody get ghost
Cause Blackchild got a style that’s awkward
The Mac is what I walk with, shots is what I talk with
I live life like it ain’t no tomorrow
My heart is hollow, I feel no sorrow
Or pity for nobody in this f**ked up city
I get p*ssy and then get busy, you know who is he

[Verse 6: Nemesis]
f**k that clown ass rapping
Got two others on burn, now watch it happen
Street level attacking, challenges lacking
Raw listenin' satisfaction, slugs from the calibers deaded
Know your action, friend, that ass can't win
f**k the rap level and take it to a Mac 10
Where the war begins and ends son
I stand blasting, eradicating n***as in a violent-like fashion
Your sh*t’s petty, like robbing banks in Manhattan
While I’m power-moving cross-seas to the the Vatican
Pass me the Reagan nephew,the over view injector
Is the only wayto perfect a hallucinating toxic style
n***as watch it closely, now you think twice when you approach me
The mischievous, smoking n***as' ass cracks like cannabis
Rap is a b*t*h so I lust for my clique
Stash of raw dope, uncut bomb sh*t
n***as catch fits, get f**ked like chicks
Real n***as bleed chocolate because they so saltless
Bodying n***as, and say motherf**k the charges

[Verse 7: DMX]
A cruddy n***a, going up raw dog in dirty b*t*hes
And if I get burned, I’m giving that sh*t to 30 b*t*hes
You say you know a n***a like me, guess again papi
Cause I might smile up in your face but I ain't your friend papi
Jump out the 1500 like run it
n***as don’t want it, get it, done it, when I’m blunted
However it went down, I made it happen, I made it scrappin’
I made it fussing, busting, I made it capping
And letting off wasn’t nothing new to a n***a
Something to do to a n***a, cause you's a fool n***a
I know your type, you hype all up off that fake sh*t
And can’t understand why a man would have to take sh*t
Or steal sh*t, but this is that real sh*t, n***as kill sh*t, peel sh*t
I hit you in your head, you won’t feel sh*t
Err, Let the dogs loose on a n***a's ass
Find out if the n***a’s faster than the trigger blast
A f**king saint in the truest form
Knowing damn well that what I do is wrong, but still I do it strong
n***as is making movies, but I got's to stop production
I need a block to function and maybe I’ll stop destruction
Cause blocks are not for fronting
So let me get that Shorty, cause you don’t need that Shorty
You don’t know what to do with that Shorty
You may as well hit this 40 just before you hit the floor
Another 24. What you want, money? More?!

About If It’s On It’s On

If It’s On It’s On is taken from the album "Phantasm" by JAY-Z, If It Aint Dutch. It has a duration of 02:24. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: If It’s On It’s On