Intro (All Eyes on Me)

Intro (All Eyes on Me) Lyrics

Mr. Criminal

(hahahaha) yeah, it's Mr. Criminal, it's All Eyes on Me the motherf**king album
Thank you guys for tuning into this sh*t
Crime Family Entertainment presents
I told you I wasn't gonna stop this sh*t since Palm Trees and Sunsets
Then it was the Crime Family Album
Now it's All Eyes on Me and this sh*t don't stop
I hope you guys enjoy this sh*t, turn this sh*t up, bang this sh*t and bump it with pride you know what I mean?
It's All Eyes on Me, rest in peace Pac
Now look, I know who the f**k I am, I'm Mr. Criminal
From that Westside, southern California, where the best die
But you know what I mean I worked so motherf**king hard I would be blind as a motherf**ker if I didn't see comparison
So I thank everybody who always call me the motherf**king Latin 2Pac, but I'm Mr. Criminal
Yeah, so I make this as a dedication and also to show shoutouts to everybody that compares
I ain't tryna be nobody I'm my own motherf**king self
Buh uh I show respect rest in peace
From the Westside, Mr. Criminal signing off
It's All Eyes on Me

About Intro (All Eyes on Me)

Intro (All Eyes on Me) is taken from the album "All Eyes on Me" by Mr. Criminal. It has a duration of 03:06. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Chicano Rap, Latin Hip Hop.
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