Joni Lyrics

SZA, Joni Sandez

Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse 1]
Sun is up and the money gone
I miss my mama when the tide is low
Small corrals are to the water and my daddy calls on his
Favorite daughter for a toast of loving words

And money blinds you
If the money right
Is the pu**y good?
I keep it tight for the right one
Save it all for the right one
Call it perfect timing

Make it bounce, baby, do a little mo'
I been wiped out like three times
Beat that sh*t, call me nine lives
I got perfect time
I got perfect timing

About Joni

Joni is taken from the album "Por Las Calles, Vol. 1" by SZA, Joni Sandez. It has a duration of 02:17. The genres of this track are: Pop Rap, R&B, Pop.
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