Kings Lyrics


[Intro: DJ Mik]
Yea yeah yah yah yeah
b*t*h b*t*h ay ay

[Verse 1: DJ Mik]
Yeah, it's all good with Vux
Ima hit em with that rap uppercut
#VuxGang #DropGang, b*t*h i get a big big booty
Big boobies, and i love thicky Nikki ooodies
I feel the people like jokin' bout ONLINE DATIN'
In meep city they be hatin'
They be sayin' imma copy man the n***a is back
I am not a cringer motha f**ka thats the fact

[Hook: Vuxvux]
So rap for me, trap for me
Im rappin all the fame all dayeee
Roundin' gettin' love all my fans
We be gettin to the top man
We kings, we kings
We kings we kings
Shut up! Cause your raps are trash
We kings, we kings

[Verse 2: DJ Mik]
Walkin right in yo' games, n***a that b*t*h so cringe
Buyin' all this money, she gonna ride the d**k
I know im not nice, b*t*h you know im not playin'
You gonna f**k around, and ima f**k yo girl man
You the one that's odd because thats why nobody dont wanna vote you
So maybe if you be rhythm then nobody will f**k with you
VuxVux my names Lil Drop and im a rapper too
Cause you know i will do this for you

[Hook: Vuxvux]

About Kings

Kings is taken from the album "Kings Die (R.I.P XXXTENTACION)" by JAY-Z, XXXTENTACION, VuxVux, Lil Rapha. It has a duration of 05:10. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: Kings