Lay out

Lay out Lyrics

JAY-Z, Ashley Tisdale, Free-Foreign, Lay-Z-Jay

[Vocal: Big D The Impossible 'biggie smalls]
I spent time rein in the rain wipin up and done graphic in grace
Concussion in gauge concrete the whort with paint
Massacre in gel long lawn beach moon alone hello morning wake cup with tea scientist scientific relay sexual healing retired assasination in blime sensation in clue marshal group
Sanitation cruel mansion passion tention leaturer literature rea crew minute tomtom mentum manutius cube tool ritual adventeuers dairy ministry simillar maintainers lincoln liquor lax neutral
Cementery sinsemilla metric semi serene future lair script, chalk centaury rise late league meech merge click lush milk leak
Leash lits meat meech meetin insanity citron require equal relax neutralise nature centralise citron near theory theology intercontinental rass measurin' sensitivity seizure right
Friction dimension craptures mixture human being skinbath hands sensation mansion lift siren victory semen meltin' heart
Misery scientific secret site scientist physicsist mastering cement, feed in agent trolley
Cistron majors century period term metro secondary fill in square
Manager nazist newphem perfum native nasion mask match virginary pill
Phyllis lip stick many men judgement
Physician many men urgent oilment seizure seize inmage in huge meet through hunt semen story thermometer future lax
Cemetery Sensimilla cenmetery mentor constantly conducts in stay in summe summary is defeated equal right is to is, is sense semination is pure heart
Obligation tons horn through turns to be equal right hint

Ain't natural everyday momentum extrem seconds lam, human we rise
Things gettin' height as soon as heavy movie era stunt momentum drums we trys
Stain style psalm desame hint sin dime biome hip n' height hemp is an answer in every secondary minute to through momentum we climb
Police polish polite, band pants thang's gone throws it's turns hundred to be file allthrough
All right tons sales all odd props old to be all right, all time
Sensimilla cemetary opposite samaritan remedy, history semel sale mill fine sesame centaury seed, ain't natural heavy lly
Greek geography geometry meet diagram determination chair, shares fan
Cheerleader lunch cheerleader hush cheerleader massive cheerleader hope cheerleader lash cheerleader whopper, cheer ware
Won't there wouldn't be more jean enough things to site
Hint things ain't natural every momentum we try
Things gettin' height as soon as momentum we climb
Pol ice on the market {won't} if there wouldn't be more things enough jean to sight
Police policin' polite red lamp direct green lime indirect
{ sovereign liquid heal land, sea, sand misery }
Leak lax leash lash on the sheet
Leash lash list leak on the sheet
Lax meech leash lash in the sheet
Get cut in this slum, get scarf get peel, post pill, pin peg

Poll pull to through to the site
Left remerge right direct won't their hund be somthin' happen before until to turn mute unto mouth
Won't there wouldn't be much things until much befell
Way in what church onto turn right truth toward words houses rulings
Hit up mord up humor meech out heater
Mood out room up bump up mob dust mug upon a life
Mushroom, shisha, vision, scissor, mission forward until fulfill forward toward world was ruled
Hit door ate up leash up neat up matched up seizure
Picture flees south see saw piece satellite dish net seat sightseeing
Flies outta ort host visa, pasta, master card, timberland, laker, puma hit
Horns a life
Out look at the soul how is met a man take it permission pertainin' to aside and fill the gap is equal to

Hint natural generally every seconds momentum we try
Things gettin' height as soon as momentum with jesus chirst we climb
Pol ice on the market {won't} if there wouldn't be more things enough jeans to sight
Pol ice poll pull through to the site
{Left rights direct} won't their hund be {more things} until to turn onto right
Won't there wouldn't be much things, way to turn un to right
Truth word towards what rules, us big up
Read us, meter snitch shot, jesus run us right wush up rome up omo offer a laugh house's rulin', census rumor flees south side
Seizure mob dust energyengine up crome pop cup pur put millet upon a life
Fixed six fit, feed fees physics feet fixed diss live
Likea award war world worse more than to lie
What it does what does heat hit, what does hit it
How come we act, how come we sad, what do we do
What do we beat how come we frank, what do we hat
This life so cool, loft, live, gut, tax
Born yard so roof, brent broad way so groove
Love Cali so through, get heat so high real
Now so we riot
Image lust, disorganised distresses
What shall i do, when life so cool
Born yard so roof, love love so good soul ya so tut, got ya so riot
Leaves fox so loot
Love candy so good, toast yours, so whooper
Bub don't you know, don't tin it now don't kill it now
This freak's now, this yeast is now, don tea is now sugarcane
Damn, now do we see through this life is Rea disorganise
These lives confront a life
Jesus christ is the witness
I got means, than like {a mean like} a combat or worst horn on noon up within in a life
Fulfill yours, lesson get someone to need warm, burn out, worn outworm typical groown
Liaison lens lyin on the edge, tissue cold
Emergin outlay in Dough out on the pool
Tripple little bizou, bimes of secret off fuse off skill {of fuss} off p-i-m-p of a real hang out, hand out act form fault of a real
Fixed this like
Field fees fixed, frist these diss live, like a award world war word under a land, like a trial take a
Walk to a crime take a rime, take a rounds take a rite, turnin right
Take a thot take a round take a read out of folder odd, bimes of gem, act of form of a mist'
Feel this likes
Fish disses dish live, like a woo vein fiend's frame on, off a map
Like a gray fig fruit loaded up on a land, grain green fruit, solid on a grind
Takes intentio colour, cheesy a way, dupe a way life, taken ways, rang rand on trial wheels
Ripple way, reppin' way, stolen lane, clown way in ring riot wheels out
Lunch way in, two ways out
Login you, toaster you, teostin' you, textin' you
Dogin you, text-ure in you
Real mornin' re-you, real
Re-love lost scores
Start us to measurin' in ruler
Beloved won charmber she shout belovin' for the truth
Beloved one song schedule setting lead to lain out
Re-do way ratio way ragin' way
Bay thangs, idol way stale trade
Deadly ace corn beef, stage thief's, base steal
Rewind it back, reference standard, reunited and stamps
Means of way to leave out-outta loud
Cost in love to lose in wings lost in the wind

{summary question}
Are you persecutor- are you persecutors?
Memory blinds things out

[verse 2:]
Lay out mail out, rust marron house run em-dump em
Stool curve, stages curve, slade cuff, base map stage clear
Mark up c*ckroach, crocodile stoll rise made up zoom up
Mag seed bank back shade crosse, mansion caf off crosse gap bake make up cake up cough off stay-side, length under
Feel this like
Like a gangsta up in the getto blimey this life
Beam the pedal, make the radio, sit the glass row
Pay the patrol, raise the petrol
Keep the gas slow, wheel's the parol
Laid none is about the sh*t that reck key life
Lane aside on a mellow
Steerin' down on A and gear low
Being know about to go, get the dough and pimp di(?)sease life

{information Un in-noviest, physical practical premature pedicure nurses
Manufactories cathedra consequence science
Idiotliatic, analogue key manulpar, idologie, consequences endor- Manufactory plans of rabbits, miss arbeit mix of labor}

Un in-noviest, practical premature pedicure nurses
Magicalistic party dramatical list parti-cal con-science
Idiotliatic, manulpar idologie, consequences endor-
Manufacture plans of rabbits, mix leave miss me mix of labor, miss his arbeit
'Mix leaves least means, mix me, miss pieces means, means back of aggro
Losses of man matrix-cal mile main mist, mill meal, means of back award, loses of man-aggro
Tense tense one head one flesh one court get to toad
Past this past that, bla^t this bass dart, place play this play back
Losings of mamal math of a metro made of a maggro
One tent one head guest to toss
Plot this past that, a blast this bass dart, plie this play pass
M hubsh metro one man, place way in the waist being, wale place way of shrime
Must forbids to get to
Wants, all yours, gone all yours, like a tons of a beach
Moisty must to be to geh t to moisty must to be to get through
Missy gone bad like purse on commisson
Nail pitch played place paid plunder paid me
Gaint plain paid numerous un-conscious
Get to plain pain place please got neglect
Muscle elbow on conscience, cautious on a kiss
Wheel-barrow on the whip
Feign friends flame burn fiend played gone legit
Live it to the fullest, keep it real
Got ta flip pop off a ripe, cement leap laps clip
Furnish scene flip fade faze shade fein feminine
Rubber guava vital region tap pipe click
Fling flame vein on wind tumble gummin gone on defect
Wishes die low on the hips barrel gone on wings fillip
Barrel flag gone on defect lenght of a bein' last range of a/b bein'
Double gum gone on defect, couple ranges on the wipe
Couple 'cages on a reap, grubbing gauge on the waist
Full of dance fool on await
Lawful dancin' scene badge full of await
Full of dance force of await
Grubble dance {shrime on the wing} scheme on the wind
Raid ruby gauges right waist on the hemp
One dance tremble gauge within a gain
Play place pays me
No1 even got on deflect, jamboree timber gun blow gimble gamble, cable mill
Out of the rish
'Diese kaffee rannte, es muss homie am ende ohne ann' diese kaffee rannte, aauch muss es am ende sein ohne Han'
When you know nose knows, male mail, main made
Meal, maid made, skip cloud read out of d-line
Fake friends got on the lap stipple out, guitar out figure out, faze out
Stemmin' balm form out of their email
Won't out, blint's out, won't them ruin em
Face from the back, loses of one spot
Now, daddy you know you want to get to regret
Now, you know now you want to get to regret
Green for peace, daddy make a way fort onto live
Nail north out for the piece
Lake 4 flat le bar bay, laden 4th deh bay le bar, flex from the bar make way clock fort onto live
Flakes from the mill, win from the price, plaza of d crown, railway on to President, wings of a pride
Bream of a man, left from the bad, lace of the past run one less hungry
Pace shout out up for the badge one less hungry mouth piece of relay
Lame lake lime lane links to the lead of prime prairie of pray 'd length, step, step by step
It's gettin' started by the blime of faith, takin' shazzy out of people
It's like a feet of faith, fist' thrust toast, toes toys, free first
Thrust toast, fist toys, free first
Dada pace is love
My own my goal my known my good, my toils are younger than the hood now, gettin' down on the slate
My known, my goal my good, my burst are younger than the hood now
Fact fat fast frist, fix floss
{My known, my goal my good, my burst are tougher than the hood now,} fact, fast frist, fix floss
Free is alike, like fritz's like, bounces like, bounce
Like clerk wake dances like
Up runs, feud up, fed up, stand right lake run out a way
Like a fetch pad passe like a walk, a muthu made a mother paint is game tight
Stay canned clean, calm, clear, claim paid on a pay roll
Win wages, clerk cases, means stapled pieces, paved ages steel cases clerk amazed
Peace places, Chris beef bees brief feel's happily
Fix alright
Like none hurts none of homie, turn on, morning off hollywood more darlin' mood off mourned off, oh, oly dadea of a life
Wot gun goon's got cha rewind death 'me
My coat suit stay right, laps a lone rise last stare air stair on top of the pa!m
Oath worn sweepers run out the vine gar
Cold as ice, HOLD UP, rolled up, mode up emerge uzp r!aa'd up menge up, raod up, sweaw upy, uppy
Road of execrice, sweeypee japin', double buckle, polcol copy copies snappie, panic a-men, Kali a bench, calcarate semen
Catchin cold, weepin' out, whappin' in, road of exercise rood of insecurity
Califonia love it's worth hard core cali warm, shield damn {gat one God damn} gut one gat the jiont, bowlin'
Screw indian hemp, glue em, troop em, sue gem'etics gauge commodity petition scoup em, stroll em
Sunny day Cult-gun count sound on a round
Fruit G on a side suicide hong-kong counted bill, gaping, scopin' handkerchief
Coping yankee in and out, runnin' groupie down on a sun side gas get a truthful of you
'Runnin' down on a sound slide
Ermord hello, inmate image indoor enrol endow, endure in love, enjoy in run in love with the sparsam ' cake take gun, take the wage
'Gun take take the wage'
'WeddinG way drive me, left the wave by
Left the way by
Maiden wait's out of bang side walk to lodged onto bacon to get her way, inmend
Hand touch and endorse in love, end loonux endeavour luxus lottery in ain't back sight
Hand touch, endorse in love, end loonux endeavour luxus lottery in your back pass
Gun take take the wage mirror way drive me wage out of the rounds
Gun sack will bet, orange rain rein ring, rang the bell outta town, go up comin' down
Goon' town, gone bless bird switched to ride callin' cron, weepie out bount brown (brand) End paris
Blown up in to sky
En-dodge, i in law, i satisfaction i enjoy, i in love, I in spot, i salute, i endorse i
I instructed, i contrast, i conduct, express
Pleage plead, bijou historic cope i meet
Bujou histrionlogic, i notified I Im SoRRY, i am sorry
Plead, plead will tee bread win, tea belt
I am sorry, i stay real
I say, Instead, looks up to da sky 'pe, pa-ra-p--pa-r-a-n -
I wanna party up
Deal since seen thy sarge, fear fare, fair bear, uncle Ben, deal seize tap
Gee gem, Uncle Mathe eating mouth, suns out
Gun bell
Hit Jem, fell star, freight slack, seize sax feeze pier, six large, uh now Ur real ice
Fix per, Chris class, fish yours search, fish pies
Yeast pie is lack
Toast to te people, Sole of a man, ~freeze, feels like automat
Check n heat out pupils, takin' to reverse, take it to revise
Felt dea!, hung mark gone dust-y on this mile
Watch em go for my
Wash em gold for mine watch em go gaol format
Step on the gate weird get onto the lane get on top the lime
You better watch your back, before you watch your mouth
Before you gone noon in your front, infra theology infratanity
Infrastructure infrared bomb blast, storm spam gum speed out in judge before you watch your fold
Voluntary nostril funds, none officially fond is equal to in your front {gone on in your front}
Gettin' down in hale stroke, gettin' boredom
Before you in before with in you before urine before you gettin' horny
Kresh up, next up end up, cut up in a splash, got nothin' down to hale
Gotten down in a hale stroke bored some, gettin nothin' to lake made up, fed up, mode door fall off, ' gettin' lessen'
Mess up, get up, '{phone up}, get none in your front, mess up, dread hat, dead tact, hint up, freak out end up fall off failed
f**k, cup in your, befell you in yours befall, be fear, beware
Be hell headban
Before you tank up, crunk up, cut up in word up as a guest slamp
Conquer the shot, (if ain't in it you) if it's one way in, wrong way out burst up cut up in a lap got up
Got you in a span, got nothin' to bash, before in you, before you in before you now
Before you fallin' back, conquer shot, wage to leaves
Before you in before you now, before you ready pay back the slap
Homie ratin' fall got tenth dozen number on a toast
Before you in, before you now, before isch it's you
Before you gotten bark
Before your s cream, b for your cream before your dream, before you bim
Before you gettin' back waste back to sleep
Before it's you before its lost in the whirl of wind, before you now
Before you in before you yowl
Before you got 10 Bach
God, gat data dream gift gathered with one
Almighty gat trust, dose true wealth, yeast, rit wheat and health
You better woop with one lost, with 1!
Be-for U !n before you anti before You t stop dart, tea point pump bass, pimp fun k j z DOS bounc
Get down in a slight, GIPZEE get --UP in THE SKY polish down, ounce up, merge boss bounc pound
f**k, fax falls fuss force gat slag milk hemp and mell in the mid and so
Get the plus the slang straight, where ever where you are
CALL IT You should record it
Call it Typ- or and what ever what you like, hey year
No thug worth in comin never' rather then
It will be ended of this world
Way back move back and come back

[Outro: Big D The Impossible (choir)]
Amaru whats up, I'm just gettin' done in my surg these butch gettin' down in the court
Bye bye, God gat the trust, he is the one, he stoll on pon, his on the pon
We stay on top, we on the spore, every Saturday, we blond the club
Jesus Christ walks on walk

God gat the trust, he is the one, he stoll on pon his on top
He is the one, we stay on point, we filled the squad
Every Saturday, we still on top we blond the club
Every sunday Jesus Christ walks on walk

Dad gat the trust, he is the one, he stoll on pon,he his the one we still on pon
We stand for shot, we sponor on top, we full the squad
Every sabbath day Jesus Christ walks on work

[Chorus: Big D The Impossible]
She's so sweet like a candy
She's a type to get marry
She's a type to bring party
That why i call her my baby
Data gives her my own key
That why she's my one and only
Now we roll
That why she's my one and only
Now we know

[Rap 1: Big D The Impossible]
Money maker genuine j*rker
Every Sabbath day we still make up
Preiod time livin' glory song honey leaf our liar vaguer
Aggro berlin play guitar clue how to use Doug
Though dome go doom predicate
Hit diplomatic hit these packs leaf apart with glory deadly globe
Put your hands on sunny side on time, tell me you already know
I hold' down the whole place, I can' bank with dirty pen hush the treats
The whole know i crooked
Mutha f**ker years pack years, year leave year
I'm straight back to back to old hood with the google good
Let em get gem tat rough and blue pass cruise
First starts corn air and the dirty good
Who they hell aim first half corn and let dirt good
Getta jet her, get hell
Get A get nut girl guilty, gettin' hands get inch e get earn's enough
Opener ruler in your eye, when i'm comin' back to justice
Gettin' packs these sheet still gettin' crab
n***a still hands their gun forgot about church
Cos gaga has with gig gig still gum
Buried other days, they try to stay in touch
At least but i stay under the butt
I still underground
I stay hard core more money, more cornin'
Steak honey, none gunnin' more mummy, we droppin'
They take in more money moore, steve, fit yarnin'
n***a steel owe def
Stick penny on the rock, cook rush opener in your eyes
{cherry gotta land, feelin' on the lane, schedule on the mark, 'wavin' all your hands} dirtz
When I'm coming back to joy
Hey, putin' back, when eye see on colt
New new chucks new new trips
New new gees around with nicole
Pull your hands and dance, I'm back with the block
Scar curse cruise, stash curse rule
They we squeeze and hang
And they love my bloom
Passport house up ÉPass off stake up
Passat hold up, pull your hang out
Still rabbit, cat blast horse they refugee us
Still rapid card stare way up to the whole shot
Instead weird ringin' north, ringin' south, swag gin' in swag jean in
World top up the whole world
Wrestin' winy steerin' Jackson posin'
Slide plead up the whole shot
Stare passport fiat wagon orange way eve average check
Rub bob the wheels up
Squeezcey air heritage up, starvin' energy
Savage engages hit up
Testin' starter winy stravin' steering wheel
Ways raise waves raise wale's up
Star starts moon, stair south central LA
Whistle mentor one weezy shirt
Rich Lil twist soar

She's so sweet like a candy
She's a type to get marry
She's a type to bring party
That why i call her my baby
Data gives her my own key
That why she's my one and only
Now we roll
That why she's my one and only
Now we know

[Rap 2]
Seconds lay out riches paste out
Circ*mstances against the world a 'bout
Life rule scar curse cruise stash curse rule
Nobody squeeze the are with twins
They really won, they hail they love my bloom
Pass out paste off stash up smooth up
Hold up peel your hand now
Still radical pledge stare way up to the whole shot
Instead weird, spinnin' in, spinnin' out
Spare way oat to whole world single
Single singin' strugglin' swervin' inn mackin' post sport
Garden sparklin', tackin' khakin havin' age up
Sparkin' startin' parkin' page pleage make one ways up
Single mortgage heritage up emerge histronic
Mansion in bahamas whistle squeezecey alert hit up, ponta hey, pointer haze
Panther way top one way up, marriage aleart it up, census ways top one way up
Past sabbath starch search in stage wait hitted up reifen ravewage merge page wait circus high wheel way made one await on
Circle high hit up circle high hit up squeezcey gabage aleart heritage up
Swizzlin' in rushin' snitchin' swannin' off burro period
Stereo type basin servant server washin' in it upm beer stab meal
Sear basic, stay base best thing besteck wave pave way up
Age mate lout one one and one only gauge job stage swag merge in a ways off
Sample simple fancy match in shelters shells
Waitin' wall imagine mega mall limes raise ralph orange wave made hit up
Seeding lanes up
Wale south central LA bristol warrant wealth
Lead Lil twist soar

[:Big D The impossible Talking]
Scars curse role stash curse cruise
Nobody tweets they really own love
They want to know how i bloom
Scab scrub scope scurb scratch up hold up scotch up merge up goes up peel your hand now
Still rabbit cat blast horse they retreat us
Steerin' winy smackin' bally boldin' ware house, plie plead page the waves up
Go on s on, stare south central L.A life # Mentor boy rich little twist soar
Is one man
Is one world slang boy that blunt pot, i wonder why was it you agent garden of love
East side, west side, up town, down town
Ohio hollywood all we'd always weed
Oakland, down town, cape town, west side
East side all we goodwill wee

About Lay out

Lay out is taken from the album "Mopped Out" by JAY-Z, Ashley Tisdale, Free-Foreign, Lay-Z-Jay. It has a duration of 03:12. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: Lay out