My Own Way

My Own Way Lyrics

​​Lil Happy Lil Sad, Lil Happy Lil Sad

See myself and i feel pain inside
I don't like my face i hate those drugged out eyes
Anytime i feel sh*t i find quick ways out
Skinnin´ up some dope i let it burn all night

Days are passing by and i don't go outside
Everything i need i got right here right now
I don't have no friends left they don't like my clout
& i thought if i made it i would make them proud

Now i got no one
Cause no one really cares about me
When the weeds out
They don´t wanna hang around me
When i feel sh*t
I be writing songs about it
Its that real sh*t
I don't care if u don't like it

I came up
I didn't change
I do it for myself
That's why I'm staying in my lane
I came up
Nothing changed
Even tho my friends are gone
I keep on walking my own way

About My Own Way

My Own Way is taken from the album "My Own Way" by ​​Lil Happy Lil Sad, Lil Happy Lil Sad. It has a duration of 02:11. The genres of this track are: Emo Rap, Sad Rap.
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