Number One

Number One Lyrics

JAY-Z, Nelly, Big D The Impossible Deon Evans biggie smalls, Big Tent Revival
{Verse :1 Big D The impossible}
Check the corn check the four drive
Check the flour check the cake, check the kin check the bae check the king
Check the spin check the tape, check the display check the speaker
Check the cane check the skip check key etc real

No cigi no bae no case no shizzy, siggy even-in' last drink
Watch out do re- do code¨¨ in¨¨e season relay on
O dear he relay see you on noon hunter day
Summer time a girl were in love i rag i wine i laps there i was a boy i rainbow
I humbles myself i open the door i was with dog i walk through
I walked on with slippers i stare i walked to her said to her i got something to say
(peel zap open my mind)
Height high handsome tech i create record technology electrician electronic zipper
Maxima x off fence missions in my mind i wisper i'm impart high chamber
I'm rampart i'm jubilee i'm sambo i rock in roll
I loyal i buoyant i war end worst i roar axe heart combat menge service rental
Self made worth I watch store house outta i loady i lobby, i copy i wobble
I gamble i wanderin' i tremble, i grubble i gasoline, i horse i raid i rather be in love with dice
Sometime things ring ain't desame town apologie commitment ire (decides) hi, rank reboot
Deeply bank deep rooted halle
Sergent automatical coup relate whisper whistle wingspan political wheel barrow
Celebrity and accord'ant railway pill mortgage banks submission political half biro
Wage tint tante tin ton term dare social econ non epoch
Isis is system instagram corrupt
Ways tip news tinge thing social certificate scientific around tent relay
Mortgage moderate congregation heritage rebel
Scientist retails restaurant relates substantive nasion
Museum cooperate team school desperate scorpio poison amazed retired rebel social association ecomnomic system belong
Heart hearted team, concussion insane, praise in glory, minds in senses
Four square height is dice outro men goes in meme belong
Heart conquer shot buried whort
Teenager goes in team, orange fiat fat fats faint faith
Film flirts in square root in forty rounds be long belongin
Biter wax buys beta speed per hour in eighty dice
Actly examine zigzag clip hint her tie thin tight red orange over right watching ain't rhyme
Diet's assumin rate anthem ink xray inch in dozen
Matterate wage pink in ink in dice around frame buster rhyme
We boasted we wanted we worth somethin' motivate in sin wheat health oat hobbie habit addict herbs emotion
We burn wew gum we gaint weed seed, we are heart wealth wheat knot nut non plant
Chess ain't yarn balm lie around
We bounce we being we buried we remote we glory we emote shorn
We grow we blow, we blurt we brone, groin blown glen glow blown
We known we pitch on high we on none, weed rich with jack pot pocket
We errant we remute wheel rood skate skype cab cat taxi tax bime kite
Bemy wife bite benz site in the sky
We roll kilo weed chokes hurt noen gone gaint we goons 'goon
We mounted in deed in mode done gone horn in race
Weave shelf everybody rush hush get stock next story catch stole
Card throw get theory
Store Kato cartons gallops justice hint to followin' to through uhh'
Most now adays many many more
[ sound slangs equal right toi toi slain around a map]
Get stock get sorts gastronomie bonus economic factory iphones itunes...
Hush many mens photos omen jerseys zip zag followin' to through
Moss now adays all soft all it, now a day's every order faze
Things riant the same we are much win rat we rant we yarn we mourn none
Moon waver we junkee we yankees we mansion weak globe we known
We are runt weed tax we gone we hunt thang
We're mounted in deed in mood done gone horn in race
We justice dare, say we are neighbor we just sale gin jam stay the same bail stain g sue g be insane say we nipples
We just their say we sue embeer allright why youth sink create tank taxed try not have some changes
Wh% is life to blame leadin' life is great livin' leavin' life unfair blimey
Why yank hint ant to split gate way tryna flash to hell egde try'na smoke ace in my night
This life is heart some funk, jesus if's answer it now, some funk jesus answer is now

About Number One

Number One is taken from the album "Big Tent Revival" by JAY-Z, Nelly, Big D The Impossible Deon Evans biggie smalls, Big Tent Revival. It has a duration of 04:33. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
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