Oops Lyrics

Lil Wayne, Yung Gravy
Ha Ha;
I'mma murder this sh*t !
Alright, Its Weezy Baby!

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I Tell you what I did last night
I made love in a b*t*h wig last night
Them chrome dubs up on the benz fit tight
We stone up the stick ick gimmie light
Laughin on the island n***a livin' right
But I got ta go ta ATL to N.Y then it's back to the N.O
Don't f**k around I put this mack to ya rib and blow
It's Weezy Baby and I'm back in this b*t*h for sur´
I'm packin a 5th and baggin a 4
Kilo package of blow for 20 it go
In ya tummy where the semmi would go
And I pull the trigga right after I wisper gimmie ya coke
And I'm charged off myself in this millenium flo
Man I might go to ya girl and tell her gimmie ya throat
Cause a pimp don't give a sh*t about offendin' a ho
My ho's f**k my friends I find no friend in a ho
And the women a go

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
Oops oh my
Baby see the whip ain't got no roof we so fly
And the feds ain't got no proof I sold pies
So I do like I do I'm so squad

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Ya see, I tried and I tried to keep goin'
But I'm, so high from the lie I keep blowin'
If I'm, gon ride then it got ta be foreign
Yeah me no supply less than 4 and a half
Quit school went into the draft
I been puttin' numbers up since that
Been pullin' up in hummas since that
So check my interrior
So clean, so young, so what, so serious
Weezy do it all
Man I touch all areas
Sports agent CEO
Plus I'm the best at this
I'm a mess at this
But I ain't trippin'
I leave rap to nothin'
Dizzy, I'm to f**kin' busy
17 till I'm finished
Back in this, crack chemist
I murder that witness
What a burner that sh*t
We probably murder that spinich
But I ain't tryin' to f**k up me in feds image
They say
Tune oh my
They say the boy so small he got to poke out
And all my cars own poke outs
Lu Baby call the boys let's have a smoke out
And if we war with the boys we have a shoot out
July 2nd Cash Money puttin' the truth out
I'm bout to candy and chrome me a Coupe out
I'm so cool gettin' dome when I move out
I have no home
The boy move out
So if you try to find me
Lil Weezy Wee be on that loop rout
How many chickens been to dudes house
Trick question
b*t*hes or bricks now keep guessin'
n***a take a swigga and flip
So keep playin' boy
You f**king with the Eastland Lords, n***a !

About Oops

Oops is taken from the album "oops!!!" by Lil Wayne, Yung Gravy. It has a duration of 03:09. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Trap, New Orleans Rap.
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