Papercuts Lyrics

Lil Wayne, Mystikal
I got papercuts
Papercuts, papercuts, papercuts
Gettin this (money)
Spending this (money)
Counting this (money)
Gettin this

[Lil Wayne]
Young Money Weezy, B-gang bi-otch
Abstract artist, call me Basquiat
Bad Ass Carter, f**k ya b*t*h harder
Wild n***a, make her give me brains like Harvard
I don't play at all, ball like a small foward
Keep a buncha b*t*hes like Ray J Norwood
Flow so sick, I hear the beat and get nauseous
Then I just kill it, turn this b*t*h into a carcass
Live in Miami, I ain't never see a dolphin
You come to New Orleans, f**k around and see a coffin
n***a got power like a f-ckin' Mighty Morphin
Get money more than often, my loft in-
Atlanta, and I got a cabana
And I got a banana-clip up in the cannon
Big dog sh*ttin' on all you c*cker-spaniels
I just keep shootin' like I'm flippin' thru the channels

I'm a residue rapper, potato chip crack daddy
You c*ckroach rhyming
I spit that (?)
And while I'm after more like give me
Fitted all red like I came down a chimney
And how I murder rappers I know God won't forgive me (forgive me)
Flow automatic not semi
And you getting by with yours like 1 kidney
I gets busy, voice like (?)
Counting money in the tele like (?)
I'ma need a meaner and I do it double
Send it up to Lucas, start it on the hustle
Yeah I hustle (?)
I got a few dollars even bailed out the ride



I know, I know. This isn't exactly complete. I started the Fiend verse then realised I don't even understand him or Mystikal so feel free to drop there verse's in comments and I will update

But I know you only came to this page to read the Weezy lyrics so don't complain! lol

About Papercuts

Papercuts is taken from the album "Papercuts (feat. Lil Wayne & Fiend)" by Lil Wayne, Mystikal. It has a duration of 04:05. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Trap, New Orleans Rap.
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