Paradise Lyrics

Lil Wayne, David Agboola & Aliaune Thiam

[?] on my island, smiling, geting higher than a rock star (star star)
Paparazzi watch me [?] take a dip into the water (ta)
Welcome to paradise (Welcome) Paradise, Paradise
Welcome to paradise (Let's get high) Paradise(Let's get high), Paradise (Let's get high high high)

[Verse 1: Young Chris]
n***a I'm getting high as I wanna be whole different time zone
Destination paradise white [?] dimes on
All white suited like, Tony got my mind gone
Table full of (whoo) rolled on [?] til my mind gone
[?] proud of the sour baby I guess my Marley on
Life of the night like Snoop and $hort I keep the party gon'
Blood shot, cartiers cover my eyes
Oh don't you know I smoke that la la la la
Get fry, 360 fizzi
It help me get by
It got that bomb
Wish your vice got every kind
You'd be blind like a rock star
Leang off that pro-meth
Welcome to the methazine
Paradise, oh yes


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Welcome to Wayne's world
Party time ecstasy
Higher than a b*t*h
See Young Chris flying next to me
Don't know where i'm going
No sense of directory
Smokin on that sh*t
You can't produce hysterectomy
Lecture about my high don't wanna hear it
Tell me bout the end i might be near it
But who's to say who's the nearest
You might be listening to the spirits
And yeah i might be trippin
But i feels terrific
High feels terrific
And you know me
Mister soon to O.D
Off Mo-ney or Mo-Me, motherf**ker
I am the ultimate high
High til i walk up to the pulpit and fly


[Verse 3: Young Chris]

I'm talking Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morris and Keith Richards
Erick Turner i'm talking Whitney Bobby addiction
Amy Whinehouse, Franie Lym and Lim-Bi
It's like Styles-P I blow my mind out
Smoke more than Snoop take it higher then Weezy and BG
Mayer buried till i'm buried like my n***a PC
Rest in peace to Pimp, Heath Ledger, DJ Screw
John Bonham and the rest up in heaven
Still smoking chronic, still waiting for Detox
f**k in my P.O. so she care less if my pee hot
f**kin her right after the [?] are right
After i'm done she can sit back watch me get high, high high


About Paradise

Paradise is taken from the album "The Lifestyles of International Millionaires Compilation, Vol.1 (feat. Akon)" by Lil Wayne, David Agboola & Aliaune Thiam. It has a duration of 03:56. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Trap, New Orleans Rap.
Other tracks from this album include: Paradise