Pick N’ Roll

Pick N’ Roll Lyrics

Lil Wayne, Hit The Button Karaoke

[Intro Juelz Santana]

It's on!
This is gettin outta control
This is startin to get outta control (I can't feel my face!)

This is gettin outta control
I mean this is just gettin too crazy

[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]
Menace to society, weapon on the side of me
Spill a n***a blood on the side of these streets
Like it came with the property. I'm sick with the piece
Headshots like photography, say cheese

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
I come from where n***as die in the morning
The killers ride at night, f**k the cops and informants
And I never love the b*t*h, I only love the moments
sh*t, I'm all about the bills like Thurman Thomas

[Verse 3: Juelz Santana]
n***as bleed just like us, Biggie said it best
So picture me being scared of n***a made of flesh (never)
Money, drugs, sex
Yes, murder, death
Police got a full court press

[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
I release like fumes, from a jet
Don't worry I will be there soon, I'm on a jet
Just watching cartoons on a jet
Ears don't even pop, I'm immune to the jet. Yep

[Verse 5: Juelz Santana]
Four chicks at once so I got to push
That's more legs, in my bed than an octopus
And im runnin up they leg like they stockin should
And im checkin that pu**y like a doctor would

[?Hook?: Juelz Santana]

[Verse 5: Lil Wayne]
So how you like a n***a now, wipe a n***a down
I only be with sharks, it's like a n***a drowned
Powder in the park, dope in the town
My sharks trying to find a n***a floating around

[Verse 6: Juelz Santana]
Money talks, bullsh*t walks
A thousand miles up the road get lost
Big Porsche, big pipes exhaust
Big booty b*t*h lookin something like a horse

[Verse 7: Lil Wayne]
Big body bent with the air on defrost
I'm fly like a wasp, I shine like gloss
Clean like floss, and I don't have to floss
I just wipe my teeth with a jewelry cleaning cloth

[Verse 8: Juelz Santana]
I tell n***as meet the metal
Beef gets settled, quickly
Feet to peddle, I'm gone
160, police gon catch who?
I treat the Porsche like a rental, abuse

[Verse 9: Lil Wayne]
Put it in the air like renuzit
Me and 'elz blues brothers I'm a play belushi
Modern day pacino, but this is not a movie
But I do watch movies when I sit in my jacuzzi

[?Hook? Juelz Santana]

[Verse 10: Lil Wayne]
You know my hood is the 17th ward
But I throw it up anyway, like Brett Favre
Fast life liver, I ain't die yet
It's probably because I can talk life outta death

[Verse 11: Juelz Santana]
Hell, I could talk ice outta hell
I could talk the water out the well
I could talk a slug outta snail
I could talk a chick out herself
Then give me that pu**y, b*t*h!

[Verse 12: Lil Wayne]
Cash Money, Young Money dipset ho
Gangbang yo ass like a dispet show
Tickle lil pillsberry and you get dat doee
Im on, X & O's like Tic Tac toe

[Verse 13: Juelz Santana]
Hold up! Take this Cris' back home
And bring back them bottles of that Perrier rose
And like my wrist, it better stay cold
Or ima have to put my wrist in a bowl

[?Hook? Juelz Santana]

About Pick N’ Roll

Pick N’ Roll is taken from the album "Karaoke Picks Vol. 65" by Lil Wayne, Hit The Button Karaoke. It has a duration of 04:01. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Trap, New Orleans Rap.
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