pus*y Money Weed

pus*y Money Weed Lyrics

Lil Wayne, Adult Situation
Oh yes I love her like...

[Verse 1]
Oh yes I love her, like Egyptian
Want a description?
Her body's sickenin'
I can be her prescription
I can be her physician
Sexual healing
I can be her religion
And now she's kneeling
Praying to the ceiling
I bless her
As if she sneezed
Must be the weather
I dress her
I am her sleeves
I am her feathers
She's fly, flyer than you
Flyer than me
I love her, she loves me too
I love her three –
Times more than her mom
Time will tell that I'm the n***a that
She should
We should
Be wherever she wanna be
On a late night, midday, A,M
Just say when
And I know I be with cavemen
But nevermind them
She's Poison and I am Michael Bivins
See I know that y'all don't hear me
But she does
We does
What grown folk do
When they had too much to drink, and I think
We done had to much to drink, and

Oh yes I love her like; pu**y, Money, Weed
pu**y, Money, Weed; pu**y, Money, Weed

[Verse 2]
Oh yes, I love her like I oughta
I see you at the altar
Mrs. Carter
I see you with my daughter
Or son
More than one
Maybe Five, like the Jacksons
Or John Paxson
Just don't let 'em f**k up the mansion
And daddy will be home
Later on
Smellin' like the cologne
That I put on
This morn'
And I hope
That you smell like woman's soap
And shampoo, and lotion, and perfume, and candles
And I'ma run through that pu**y like a vandal
Yes, I'm nasty as a Scorpio, but I'm a lucky Libra
Got her wet like she's sweatin' out a fever
Leave her
To me and she'll be smiling
Every single time you see her
From ear-to-ear
I want to be beside her when she sleep as she lay
Or we can stay awake and watch the next day
Clothes are overrated
Panties are debated
Einstein; her head is the greatest

Oh yes I love her like; pu**y, Money, Weed
pu**y, Money, Weed; pu**y, Money, Weed

[Verse 3]
Oh yes I love her like her dad told her
No man
Would ever love her
Oh, and
I better be the only man
Stickin' it
Lickin' it like an envelope
Mailin' it, sealin' it, read it
I have written down Victoria's Secret
Don't tell nobody
Don't share your body with nobody
Not even a finger
I will cut it off and let him keep it
That ass for Weezy, baby
And at my station
We have sex orientation
When I hit it she squint like them Orient Asians
I do me
I say, "Hey Ms. Chun Li, I like to see your booty
Roll, like sushi"
I'm tryna dip my celery up in her bleu cheese
"Ahs", "Ooh-wees"
"Voilas", "Tah-das"
"Mhmms", "Uhh-huhs"
"Oh-yeahs", never "Oh-nos"
Until I have to go
And then it's: "Never! Oh, no"
I tell her, "Don't cry
I be back like the electric bill"
And when she's butt-naked, she's dressed to kill

About pus*y Money Weed

pus*y Money Weed is taken from the album "Adults Only Vol. 1" by Lil Wayne, Adult Situation. It has a duration of 03:12. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Trap, New Orleans Rap.
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