Rap Devil (Machine Gun Kelly Remix)

Rap Devil (Machine Gun Kelly Remix) Lyrics

JAY-Z, Rick Ross, Bhad Bhabie, Z-Ro

Oh My God Ronny Ayy All Your Rappers Are Clippers Your Friend Beard Is Weird Drop Drop On A Rappers Track For No Years I Think Your Going Crazy Yeah Mallie You Right Dance all On The Studio Yelling At Mic Your Bored I Know You Like 29 And I Am 27 make The Track Yell For My Mic Bored I Drop Off Like No Other [Verse] The Verse I Had To Get Talking Behind And I Drop Like Rap Devil What A Bout A Rap Maker For No Track On A mack Trip Four Years On A Road Me That Boy Ain't Really Talking For Sheety Macs And I Not No Pee For A I Rather make It Mean Ayy You Really,A Track And Field Championships makers Don't Do It Drop For No Reason I'm Right To That That Girl Was Named : Vans Oh What Getting Money I'm The Boy Make Ma MakerSpace For Fire My Track Of Macks And My Jack's For My Black Track I Miss U make You For Vans Make You Bust For A Bissy I'm Vans So I Make Drop That's A F***cking Drop Making It Rain Just Help Me On Mans Oh I Am The Main,Getting Money I'm The Boy Make Rain I Got A House For A Mouse No New Patek Lil Uzi Vert Like A Drop And I Make Drop Dowb Likes On My Count For A Round Drop Like I'm A Van Rapper For Medloc No I'm Lyricist No Mumble I'm Rapping For Money I Got A House For A Mouse I'm In Sun You Make Me Break Now Cause I Drop Down Like A WestSide Drop Down You Making Money For Vans And I Would Not Buy Anything I Don't Shop I Already Got Clothes For My Strap On A Bridge Drop Down For A Mansion For My New House And I Buy it On A Cloud Before Round I Might Drop Down A bag For A Trap Song,Country Like Me Is A Rap (bridge) I Make A Drop A Nothing Brouse And I Make For A Round Black House Make It Years Yeah I Know

About Rap Devil (Machine Gun Kelly Remix)

Rap Devil (Machine Gun Kelly Remix) is taken from the album "Hardcore Rap" by JAY-Z, Rick Ross, Bhad Bhabie, Z-Ro. It has a duration of 05:11. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: Rap Devil (Machine Gun Kelly Remix)