Star Status

Star Status Lyrics

Gucci Mane

So Icey Entertainment, how can I explain
Baby lookin at me cause she snorting and she crain
Gucci is a faucet, he known for makin it rain
Shawty is a brainer she like to give that brain
Gucci is a cash man, call me bank teller
I can make it rain in any type of weather
Shawty can't f**k with me, can't fit in my schedule
Shawty lookin' at these diamonds flexin' on my bezel
I be freestylin' no usin' no pencil
Gucci Mane la flair I'm flowin' on this instrumental
Mike Will made it, Gucci Mane slayed it
Star status n***a everybody upgraded
Jon valleys is his trip Gucci gotta Hummer
Everybody know that Gucci is a stunna
I make it wintertime in the summer
I be throwin' fun throwin' bombs like a bomber
I be sellin' bricks, used to sell them nicks
I be pimpin' girls man them girls be turnin' tricks
I be with them cut throats and they be hittin' licks
I'm Gucci Mane and I still be slangin' chicks
Shawty say she know me say she know me good
Say she use to ride with the east Atlanta hood
Kenwood [?], Twitters jus tweetin'
Shawty lookin' at me like she want to start freakin'
Say she got a girlfriend she want to have a threesome
Say they want to f**k me and say they really d**kly
You didn't offend me baby you pretty
You can ride with the G queen of the city
East Atlanta 6 yeah we got them bricks
You know its Gucci Mane pu**y n***a I'm it
Now you’re it (pu**y)
Now you’re not it (pu**y)
Gucci mane la flair everybody know im the sh*t
I'm the sh*t round here
All I say is CHEA feel like BURR go get my fur
Rolls Royce n***a and I got the chauffeur

I mean Petro where we at
Gucci ripped the track
East Atlanta slum pu**y n***a were we at
Got a trap house and we sell a lot of pack
Sell a lot of crack
Make a lot of rack
Throw a lot of stacks
Q birthday we gone party like some rock stars everyday we play
You know me Gucci Mane la flair
I got them Gucci’s on my face them Gucci’s on my feet
Gucci [?] n***as so the Gucci on the seat
Ridin' with a Gucci girl
Shawty Gucci freaky
Say she lookin' at me cause she know I wanna freak it
And she wanna ride with me cause she strictly d**kly
Gucci Mane la flair put it in the air
40 thousand dollar diamond put it in my ear
G-5 So Icey Boy I'm riding leer
Gucci Mane la flair new artist of the year SO ICEY!

About Star Status

Star Status is taken from the album "Bird Flu 2" by Gucci Mane. It has a duration of 05:26. The genres of this track are: Atl Hip Hop, Dirty South Rap, Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap.
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