Stella Lyrics

Ghostface Killah, George Cables

[Verse 1 - Ghostface Killah]
Stay dip, cute b*t*h out in Delaware, moving our bricks
So hard, stupid big stones from Miss Stella ear
She just turn 35, we in the spot on Martin Luther King Drive
Whole team getting high, on phones
We learned different codes of pig Latin
So the jakes don’t follow our trail with sick patterns
And the crib is jig, Jennifer convertible love seat
That’s worth forty G’s from Madrid
In Spain, sipping cherry Cosmo’s and things
Stella, finish the glass, showing n***as her rings
I said b*t*h, I ain’t impressed with that
Why the f**k is every briefcase short by at least ten stacks
We had a mil' in each bag, there’s eighty grand missing
You pop up with a new Jag', with a bad system
I done sent your ass to Hawaii and Waikiki
When your man needed bail, you’ll come see me
Rob me? That’s how we do? You pretty slick muthaf**ka
You must think I’m a sucker
Matter fact, you gon' suck this d**k, how bout that for a change
Let me see what’s really on your brain
She said ‘Starkey, you violating me, stop it'
I saved up for this sh*t, you playing me like a hostage
Out of all people, I wheeled you around, when you got shot
Be the closest one too you, and may I rot
In hell, yo Starks, chill, I don’t think she that stupid
Since '90, '95, she came through, kid
Two million in six weeks, cover six space
Just to think of those towns alone, we brought a big steak

[Verse 2 - Sheek Louch]
But it still don’t change the job
Aiyo, Tone, who this silly b*t*h trynna rob
n***as been getting money, since pushing a Saeb
In the spot writing rhymes, never heard of a blog
Is it that coincidental? That the same rental
Be out in Virginia and DC, before she come see me
I’m ready, put this hammer in her face in 3D
I know that’s your home girl, but f**k it, on GP
And I don’t like her brother, either, he probably put her up to it
Give me the word and I go empty his fluid
Shady? I been bagging up since 1980
Me and Ghost been tight, since Fred met Grady, lady
So what you telling me? My account is off?
Oh you must really motherf**king think we that damn soft

[Verse 3 - Method Man]
Hold on, yo, Sheek, what you gon' do? Cut her whole hand off?
Put a pillow over her face, and let the four bang off?
Or we can get the gat taping so the ho can’t talk
Before we get the whole story cut this whole thing short
I don’t think that’s wise at all, whatever honey do with her money, dog
That’s not my problem, why is it yours?
Wu-Block, you riding for mine, I’m riding for yours
That’s the motto if you talking bout homicide, my lord
It’s survival, homey, you ain’t never lied, my lord
But the Pretty Toney baby ain’t never lied before
That’s a hundred lucci, word to Bully, I smoke too many loosies
I know her history, if something fishy, must be the coochie
It ain’t no mystery, your finger itchy, if she a groupie
Once you go up, once you go down, let’s keep it Gucci
You take her head, I take all the jewelry from all these moolies
Get all your goonies, and we can meet up for Call of Duty
Ain’t nothing funny like Paul Mooney, this fatal beauty
Got some explaining to do, hold up, I thought you knew me
Better than that, we know the cheddar was tapped
You getting bread in the trap, why get in bed with them rats
My son is missing some racks, and Louch is fitting to snap
She need to come up with answers, instead of fixing her mack
Makeup, just give the facts, straight up, and just the facts
If you did it, we gon' bury you with it, and that’s that

About Stella

Stella is taken from the album "You Don't Know Me, Vol. 2" by Ghostface Killah, George Cables. It has a duration of 04:22. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Rap, Southern Hip Hop, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: Stella