Story Lyrics

Gucci Mane, Zaytoven, Gucci Mane & Young Dolph, Paper Cheno, Lovely

Ahh, yeah, yeah it's Guwop
Can't keep bein broke
Well I was standing on, across the [?]
Dawg, who gone, you know, hah
Zone 6 stand up, EA's finest n***a, hah
I ain't taking no b*t*h out, I'm taking n***as off
(catch up)

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I got 25 pints in my boot bag
25 ounces of that OG gas
I got a mall full of young n***as, OG man
And I'm a paper route boy, and Young Dolph fan
I got the pretty white squares with the dragons
I made half a mil betting on the falcons
And I still giving dope to your daddy
Call me unc 'cuz you know I f**k your mammy
26 and straight eight, with the head back
Getting head from your momma with a jimmy
Red fours on a red and black bentley
Crip blue fortune looking just like panties
Overweight n***a but I'm riding on skinnies
Just hit a lick so I'm finna spend plenty
Pull up in the club I ain't throwing them a 20
I at least made 20 mil along i20
20 years old yeah 20 f**king licks
20 year old gucci 20 year old b*t*h
80 rows and I'm 30 years old
With the suicide doors and a ride or die b*t*h
Got a call from a n***a said "daddy wanna please me"
Tell me where you wanna come then so he can meet me
Pull up with a mac 11 right up from the front street
Ain't no n***a gon' jump me, a n***a gon' chump me

[Verse 2: Young Dolph]
Just got a call that my dawg got some static, (word)
Got the car keys and the choppers out the attic, (yeah)
It's the part of the game where sh*t's getting tragic
n***a say he got problems we gotta let him have it
Bought a couple AK's and a couple carbines, (ey)
My dawg been robbing now we got a couple problems (f**k)
He wrong or he right b*t*h we shootin on sight
Burn your main man house down the next morning catch a flight, aight
Check him up out of here hope he told his family goodnight
Thanks to breaking down these bails I done lived the good life, (yeah)
We out in Vegas partying like ain't sh*t happened
Out here f**king with these b*t*hes tryna see what hapnin
I hate b*t*h ass n***as with a passion
I had to leave ain't got no time for no question askin'
Feet kicked up smoking and relaxin'
Shoot a n***a ass out, John Paxson

[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
I'm the type a n***a that'll shoot you in public
Ran into a n***a that i robbed in Publix
I said I heard you looking for me and he tried to change the subject
Had that pistol in my brief, said he thought I wouldn't up it
Up the tone on him now he runnin through the Publix
Somebody called the police 'cuz they thought I was gonna bust him
I ain't give sh*t back that is not up for discussion
You shoulda known zone 6 boys ain't to be trusted
I pull up in a ticket and he pull up in a cutlass
If the n***a hit a roast than the pu**y n***a lucky
I might pull up in a rolls royce he pull up in a bucket
Yeah I rob your homeboy but i ain't motherf**king ducking
If you see me in the club, better keep on trucking
'cuz these n***as on that f**k sh*t and I ain't with that f**kery
Got a pistol on me dawg, man, yea its the Crest in me
Matter fact, two pistols, can't let you get the best of me
It was 1998 when I first learned the recipe
I was buying dope, cook, man those f**kers was catching me
Hit 6 licks quick, man the lord he was blessing me
Got a carbine and a tec, got a whole lotta weaponry
Hundred thou off the dough, wearing gold off the ecstasy
Big cat pulled a move, man a n***a was finessin
But I broke off and got a million on my own, professionally
Made my first, second mill put that pistol on that Mexican

About Story

Story is taken from the album "True Story" by Gucci Mane, Zaytoven, Gucci Mane & Young Dolph, Paper Cheno, Lovely. It has a duration of 02:16. The genres of this track are: Atl Hip Hop, Dirty South Rap, Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap.
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