Strawberry Lyrics

Ghostface Killah, Carlos Malta, Thomas Clausen

"I want you, you've got to, stop your storm babe" (x4)

[Verse 1: Killa Sin]
The f**k?
Yo, somebody sent their wolf pack in their clappin' rounds
Actin' like, what a way to play these clowns
Some shady town guerrillas tryin' to lay me down
Yo maybe Brown, done set it up, who give a f**k?
We vested up, from head to gut, them n***as won't get the best of us
They talk to me, silently they stalk with me
Awkwardly, till they seen my two ninas
Fiendin' let us out of these jeans, would lean'em , leave 'em
Coughin' and bleedin' even, barfin' and wheezin'
Son they- called for it, we at odds, and we gon' make it even
Burning Season long 4 keep pourin' on the heat Lord
The more beef they bring Killa, the more steak to feast off
One shot nearly took a cheek off, should've seen him leapin'
Dancin' like Ed Norton catchin' a smack from Jackie Gleason
Bloody Mooners episode 1 where weapons get spun
And those who gamble with them hammers'll surely death will become

"Get over here woman!"

[Interlude: RZA & (GZA)]
Yo, n***a, pass the mothaf**kin' Belvedere, n***a
(Ain't no f**kin' Belvedere)
What the f**k is that? Grey Goose, n***a?
(It's water, man, water)
Yo, where the f**k is Tony at, man?
He in the room right here?
(Chill son, chill son, chill son
He gettin' his d**k sucked
A b*t*h suckin' his d**k)
Not again, B (Damn, n***a)
Yo, Tony! (Yo baby, chill, chill)
Yo, hold up (A b*t*h suckin' his d**k)
Oh sh*t, son, she slurpin' and burpin'
(f**k that) Listen, listen, listen, listen
(Oh sh*t he gettin' his d**k sucked)

[Verse 2: Ghostface Killah]
Five and a half in boys (Uh-huh), ass is off the hook (word)
High school pu**y, heard you got the best nookie
Sugar walls, rocks o' love, slide right on my d**k
I'm palmin' ya ass like this while you ridin' it
I'm about to c*m boo-boo, chill for a sec
I Feel it at the tip, ma' (gushing sound), ya pu**y's too wet
One false move and I'mma blast like the very first time
Burnt you with candle wax fast while you was slobbin' mine
d**k is sensitive, you moved, baby here it is
Oh Lord, I told you not to move, you dumb broad
c*min' for days, wettin' ya cage
My d**k is like the sprinklers and maybe a douche, I'm here to save the day
Solomon was wise and I got fifty other b*t*hes
Some eat b*t*hes, some b*t*hes f**k my n***as
Solomon was wise and I got fifty other b*t*hes
Some eat b*t*hes, some b*t*hes f**k my n***as

About Strawberry

Strawberry is taken from the album "Dreamland" by Ghostface Killah, Carlos Malta, Thomas Clausen. It has a duration of 03:56. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Rap, Southern Hip Hop, East Coast Hip Hop.
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