Supa Ugly

Supa Ugly Lyrics

JAY-Z, Cormega, PMD, DJ Supa Dave, Little Vic, Pretty Ugly
[Intro: Jay-Z & Sample]
Woke up this morning (Uh-oh!)
Got yourself—yourself—yourself—yourself

[Hook: Jay-Z]
[I got myself a gun
Uh-oh! Geah, geah
Yeah, I got myself a gun]
Brooklyn, stand up
I got myself a gun

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
But really, I don't need the heat (Nah)
Your heart pump project Kool-Aid, you're sweet (n***a)
I don't gotta two-way, you gays
This is not beef, this is rap, homie; I don't have a scratch on me
You feel Jay soft, rip Jay off
Damn, I'm only worth over a hundred million
Look, I got beef with, like, a hundred children
n***as with pink suits (Faggot) tryna get cute (Ha)
You a little out of line homie, don't let the nine, homie
Put you out your mind, homie, just rhyme, homie
Kick your little lies, I kick my real facts
Like you sneaking out the back of that Source Soundlab, ha (Pew!)
We wasn't chasing you (Nah), we had a taping, too
We came through to do our one-two thing (Check, what's up)
It wasn't a Roc-a-Fella come-through thing
'Cause if it was on like that, I would come through Queens
With Queens n***as—you know how I do
Look, I got more shooters in Queensbridge than you (Tah)
n***as'll tie you up on the Colosseum roof
And open beer bottles off the boy chipped tooth (Ping!)
Look here

[Hook: Jay-Z]
I got myself a gun
Uh-oh! Uh-huh, ugh, ugh, geah
Yeah, I got myself a gun

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
Listen, I'm the J, the A, to the f**k-this-broad (Oh)
This n***a never sold Aspirin—how you Escobar?
Had to buy your chain back last time you got robbed (Goddamn)
The nerve of this coward n***a, oh my God
And I don't rap rumors or innuendos
I bring it to you live, lift up your window
Let the public peek in, see your dirty laundry
Y'all don't want me to continue, ho!

[Interlude: Jay-Z, Knoc-turn'al, & Dr. Dre]
Super ugly (n***a!)
I don't give a f**k

[Hook: Knoc-turn'al]
All I really know is your ho wants to be with me
And she ain't playing
And what I'm saying (She creeps, she creeps)
With me and sleeps between the sheets

[Verse 3: Jay-Z, Dr. Dre]
Me and the boy A.I. got more in common
Than just balling and rhyming—get it? "More in Carmen"
I came in your Bentley backseat (Damn)
Skeeted in your Jeep (Woo)
Left condoms on your baby-seat (Woo)
Here, n***a—the gloves is off, the love is done
It's whatever, whenever, however, n***a (One!)
And since you infatuated with saying that gay sh*t (Faggot)
Yes, you was kissing my d**k when you was kissing that b*t*h (Oh)
Nasty sh*t, you thought I was boning Renette
You calling Carm' a hundred times, I was boning her neck
You got a baby by the broad, you can't disown her yet
When does your lies end? When does the truth begin?
When does reality set in, or does it not matter?
Gotta hurt: I'm your baby mama's favorite rapper (Haha)
And ask your current girl, she know what's up
Holla at a real n***a! Jigga! (I don't give a f**k!)

[Hook: Knoc-turn'al]
All I really know is your ho wants to be with me
And she ain't playing
And what I'm saying (She creeps with me)
And sleeps between the sheets

[Outro: Godfather clip]
"That's all right. These things gotta happen every five years or so. Ten years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood. It's been ten years since the last one."

About Supa Ugly

Supa Ugly is taken from the album "Music For Conquering Thy Neighbor" by JAY-Z, Cormega, PMD, DJ Supa Dave, Little Vic, Pretty Ugly. It has a duration of 05:09. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: Supa Ugly