The Chase

The Chase Lyrics

Ghostface Killah, Eamonn Ceannt Céilí Band

[Verse 1: Ghostface Killah]
Speed up, Lord, they moving on us
Unmarked cars with dogs, yo, they shooting at us
Light the weed up, for God sake, it's okay, call up Abi
Tell 'em give Ricky the cash, he get half, she's my wife
Gets the V, beans to white
Yo, watch where you going, n***a, breath, alright?
Yo, watch the b*t*h hop the curb
Racist-ass jakes wildin', spittin' out racial slurs
Stay calm and be patient, grip and guard your nation
Next time they pull out from the trunk we blazin'
Big sh*t going off bow-dow-bow-bow
Shawn Bell up in his grave wildin' out
If we get caught, son, my lawyer's in Boston
He got a hundred thou to retain with mad frosting
Yo, so don't panic, stay well-planted
Trey-pound pokin' my d**k
I pulled the sh*t out and start blasting

[Verse 2: Sun God]
Without askin', homie, throw me the ratchet
I guess I'm here to audible the plays, John Madden
So switch lanes, do a buck no laughing
Now double-hop the road and go to the Gas Inn
Dog, you imagine? Pigs on our ass, we on foot
And we ain't got no where to throw the ratchet
I'm on point, clap that b*t*h, this sh*t tragic
I'm down for whatever, make it happen

[Verse 3: Ghostface Killah]
Yo, yo, quick, toss the bomb in the garbage
Come here, shorty, take this revolver
You get caught, don't say its your father's
Don't say my name, say you found it in Yonkers
In the park around a bunch of monsters
You're turning it in cause it was on your conscience
Big boy toys, them sh*ts go bonkers
'Cause we play foul, we don't want no charges

[Verse 4: Sun God]
f**k that sh*t, pass that sh*t over here, G
Hit the backyard, throw that sh*t in the tan jeep
As soon as you see the cops, automatically plan b
Soon as you hit the spot throw a shot in the air, please
I'm comin'
Know I'm always there when you need me
And, no, I ain't Dre, I just do it that easy
A hundred miles and runnin', I'ma do it for TV
Before we leave the car, leave them gloves and that earpiece
We out

I'm the inventor
'86 rhymin at the center
Blew off the burner, kinda dusty
Blew off the burner, kinda dusty
Blew off the burner, kinda dusty

About The Chase

The Chase is taken from the album "Take the Floor - Céilí Dance Bands" by Ghostface Killah, Eamonn Ceannt Céilí Band. It has a duration of 04:22. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Rap, Southern Hip Hop, East Coast Hip Hop.
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