The Definition (The Game Diss)

The Definition (The Game Diss) Lyrics

Gucci Mane

[Verse 1]
This n***a Game definition of a rap n***a
I'm not a lover or a fighter, I'm a trap n***a
On Twitter talking about you want to scrap n***a
Well I'll knock you out and drag you to the trap n***a
The real deal Holyfield CTE killer
And I can't lie I done robbed a lot of Cali n***as
I know some real OG's in L.A n***a
Last time I checked I was the sh*t in the Bay n***a
A Sacramento n***a used to send the dope to me
Humble County kush my plug sent the smoke to me
CEO Gucci, Eazy-E my idol n***a
I heard your brother is a gangster, you not your brother n***a

[Verse 2]
The realest n***a in the rap game, hands down
You showing your ass n***a yeah you got your pants down
I'm talking M's now not hundred grands now
I'll take your life and you'll never meet your grandchild
If you ever had a plug n***a stand up
If a n***a tried to rob you n***a man up
You ever ran off just to run your bands up
You ever went broke damn f**k the lights cut
These n***as would suck a n***a d**k to make a hit record
I'll never d**k ride that's why I'm a legend
I never snitched now time not even 60 seconds
Got so much street cred that these n***as disrespected

About The Definition (The Game Diss)

The Definition (The Game Diss) is taken from the album "Definition of a G" by Gucci Mane. It has a duration of 03:12. The genres of this track are: Atl Hip Hop, Dirty South Rap, Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap.
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