Gold Lyrics

Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy

[Intro: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em]
What's happening, Zay?
I never
It's your boy, Soulja
f**k it, let's go
Turn up

[Chorus: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em]
Gold gold gold
Gold gold gold
My neck and wrist, gold
My whip and b*t*h, gold
My chain and sh*t, gold
My neck and wrist, gold
Gold gold gold

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em]
Yeah f**k n***a, everything I'm rocking gold
Versace on my pinky, and you know that sh*t gold
Diamonds in my [?], and you know that sh*t froze
Smoking on this kush, and it from the northpole
You the type of n***a get a meal, won't leave a tip on the table
Hit the block, pistol on my hip
Versace my neck and Versace my ring, Bugatti my whip, and Bugatti my chain
Gold on my neck and it's gold on my lense, it's gold on my neck when I'm standing on stage
Got so many whips [?] keep falling
n***a hit the block and I'm instantly balling
40 for the club when I'm in New York, got Lean on Lean, got bottles on bottles
Bad b*t*h with me want Molly on Molly
Molly on Molly falling out the Bugatti
When I step in the party, I'm yelling "damb shawty"

[Chorus: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em]
Gold gold gold
Gold gold gold
My neck and wrist, gold
My whip and b*t*h, gold
My chain and sh*t, gold
My neck and wrist, gold
Gold gold gold

[Verse 2: Quavo]
Gold on my finger, 3 bricks, Danny Granger
Versace my shirt and my shoes, but a young n***a still stay with a banger
Try me if you want, we'll hang you like a hanger
Call up the plug with the birds in the anker, you can call me Kurt Anger
Call Soulja, got the yoppa that'll bust you like a cobra
Call Takeoff, got the bonds and the gass like adolf
Gold Ruger blade face off
Hundreds of bands on the table, sippin the syrup with no maple
Chain got my neck hurt, disabled

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Word around the streets, Takeoff got a gold mansion
I just put them gold bricks in the gold cannon
Plug with the street, we connect just like a [?]
I'm black Luie V, like I jumped out a caskit
I pull up Mercedes, I'm whippin up babies
I call up the plug, he in Hady
Yu know I got Hannah Montana, I play with them keys like a piano
Taking a trip to Tiwana, Versace Madusa [?]

[Outro: Quavo]
Gold gold gold
Gold gold gold
My neck and wrist, my chain and ice
Young federal, that's how i live my life
Gold gold gold
Soulja, Migos
Neck and wrist, young federals, b*t*h

About Gold

Gold is taken from the album "iSouljaBoyTellem" by Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy. It has a duration of 03:26. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Trap, New Orleans Rap.