Warriors Lyrics

JAY-Z, R.a.z.o.r. Vs Frankie Jay


Warriors! Come Out And Play! X2
Warriors Ey Ey x3

Gd Up From The Feet Up ABCDEF

Im A G To The End The End Of The Road
But Back In The Kitchen At The End Of The Stove
Looks Like We At The End Of The O
Drop A 4 In A 20 Ounce And Call It 24
U Sit On 24s And We Sip On 24s
Got The Caddy's Sitten On A Pair Of Gucci Penny Loafs
I Get Money f**k With b*t*hes That Get Me Mo
Man You Know The Plan Same sh*t Different Hoes
Ya We Cut The Ears And The Tails Off
Mickey Mouse Never Been A Rat Never Had Him In The House
Call Me Captain Kangaroo But I Got Money In My Pouch
But I Don't Mean Loose Change When I Say Money In The Pouch
Ya Dig Ya
Im Getting Paid That's What I Already Said
Seek These n***as Like To Brief On These n***as
Got A b*t*h Name Nina And Nina So sl*ty
Cus She Do Him And Never One Of His



Are You Listening? Is Anybody Listening?
Walk Into The Room And You Can Smell The Clive Christian Scent
A Lot Of n***as Threatened My Postion And
Thrillen Bars You Think Im Writing With John Krishenpen
I Need Rossi
Never Mind The Pricing
Know We Brought Cake To The Party, No Icing
No Ice On Big Phantom No License
f**k If You're Feeling Me As Long As Your Wife Is
No One In My City Got A Pocket Like Drizzy
I Can Rock Fitted Jeans Cuz My Credit Card Skinny
Its Pitch Black And Covers All Incidentals
And Mrs Wrong Sorry You Ain't Notice My Potential
f**k Yall Rappers And Your Self-Proclaimed Status
I Can Only See Green Now I Happy Saint Pattys
Ya I Know Your Waiting On The Last Quote
Check The Sound Scan And You Can See Im The Last Hope



I Told You n***as 9 10 Times Stop f**king With Me
Put That Knife In Ya
Take A Little Bit Of Life From Ya
Am I Frightening Ya?
Shall I Continue
Put The Gun To Ya Let It Sing You A Song
I Let It Hum To Ya
The Others One Sing Along
Now It's A Duet?
Nd You Wet, When You Check Out The Technique
From The Two Teckz
And I Don't Need Two Lips To Blow This Like A Trumpet
You Dumb sh*t, This Is An Unusual Musical I Conduct It
You Looking At The Black Warren Buffet
So All Critters Can Duck Sick
I Don't Care If You See The Laurens Tucket
Or You Bill O Reilly You Only Ralling Me Up
For 3 Years They Had Me Peeing Out Of A Cup
Now They Bout To Free Me Up
What You Think Im Goin Be? What? Rehabilitated?
Man I Still Feel Hatred
Im Young Black And Rich So They Wanna Strip Me Naked
But You Never Had Me Like Christina Agulari
But Catch Me Down The West Side Driving Like Halle Berry
Or The FDR In The Seat Of My Car Screaming Out The Sun Roof
Death To Ya
You Can't Kill Me I Live Forever Through These Bars
I Put The Wolves On Ya
I Put A Price On Ya Head, The Whole Hood Would Want Ya
You Starting To Look Like Bread
I Send The Boyz At You I Ain't Talking About Feds
n***a The Body Snatchers n***a You Heard What I Said


About Warriors

Warriors is taken from the album "The Ultimate Techno Warriors "Fight One"" by JAY-Z, R.a.z.o.r. Vs Frankie Jay. It has a duration of 04:47. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
Other tracks from this album include: Warriors