Way out (Volume 1)

Way out (Volume 1) Lyrics

JAY-Z, Big D The Impossible Deon Evans biggie smalls, Lifeline Audio Books
[Verse 1: Big D The Impossible]
I diggin' in the hood i borris and i dice, hi rainbow hard bore
Ih gallon nylon hard ball in ghetto
Life's so harsh that can even choose
I bore so high that canteen evening can can't even lose
Now that i need hammer the cruise is on now our is needy that day is on
Day done now how i gat da grin, gatherin garden green it 's on
Take a slain take a famp take a flop tic kite get tune get it through
Jet kk right make it right get to through
Get to scam make it all written weeping aim out out 'oat get to cairo
Get to sperm get to span get it write get it clue get to school get through get to crew
I get the troops ghetto through gat the e glue it's on
Get the floop, get xtune box get to globe get the flops get to one
Man Kind brethren bird get to benz blend to the dics get rit cheese getto through keys up prompted get to immune
Get the blender get to the birth get the burthen sperm, spam, semen
Sperm a to a zoon get through breadth breed to get to lenght to get to boss get steel tools get the cheese
Check the keys check the Gees check businesses its on { the thing's on}
Take a slum take a luke take a clue take a tat takin' out tile into a room
Graph the rip car key back catch the jammin' cat fishin catch bath case take a tatics
Matches comic' matchin' watchin' about my career trials
Take a look lust, make a movie, take a stash cap,3queen, Queens
Tax stash take a cards take chat take take a ballon buoyant gauge, mark pass, feeze pier
Deal kak take a rit out of my career trail
Take a million out of million, take a poo take a loan made a mint peace out a bise
Take cake bake call a bishop out for a mission, pass pieces passed port
Trial tax pays wifely wifin spree
Sky scrapper page scarp play car inter rush sailin' ordinary hundred questionnaire on dash board
No way on a late night

About Way out (Volume 1)

Way out (Volume 1) is taken from the album "Patio Designs - Ideas on How to Plan, Design, and Build A Great Looking Patio the Quick and Easy Way" by JAY-Z, Big D The Impossible Deon Evans biggie smalls, Lifeline Audio Books. It has a duration of 02:30. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, East Coast Hip Hop.
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