Winding on Me

Winding on Me Lyrics

Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Ron Browz

[Intro: Ron Browz]
Ay! Ay
Ether boy

[Hook: Ron Browz]
She got in the front, I took a step back
She threw it on me, I ain't expect that
She a dancer, she can make it clap
I'm in the zone now, I think it's a wrap
She's windin on me, she's windin on meee
Windin on me, she's windin on meee
Windin on me, windin on meee
Windin on me, she's windin on meee

[Verse 1: Fat Joe]
Now I can throw it up, watch it fall on her head
Or I could drop it on the floor and watch her crawl in the bread
Them n***as ain't Crack (Crack) I been shakin the feds
Them n***as ain't Crack (Crack) now you can take it in lead
She's windin on me, grindin on meee
Momma see I'm tryin to f**k, so what's it gon' be?
Got me in my zone now, I'm sippin slowly
You could bet the whole house, she gon' blow me
Maybe cause she know me and I'm lit up like the flares on the bottle
See you been in {?} by the size of them goggles
Keep dumpin cash right out of the Louis bag
If I could bottle it up, I'd sell you my swag


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Hah~! It go oooooh, girl, I love you so
But I put money way above you though
Nasty by nature, human vibrator
Just hope that I don't spit you out as soon as I taste ya
I'm cool as lemonade at a sunday picnic
I'll break your girl off and you are not Mr. Fix-it
Huh, so she called me to make it juicy for her
And I'mma beat it, like I produced it for her
Hot as Lucifer, make that thing right juicy for us
Gimme 'bout a week I'mma have a prostitute named Boostin for us
So many women be like "Weezy please seduce it for us"
Then after I do they be like "Please play that acoustic for us"
Ha ha! I'm an undercover lover
And if she backed up I am Joseph the Plumber
Hehehe, you can find it on me
And since she love my teardrops she be windin on meee


[Verse 3: Fat Joe]
Now e'ry time I go and put the TV on
I hear somebody tryin to speak on Crack (Crack)
Now we gon' let the haters keep hatin cause the money stay growin
And them n***as {?} even be strapped
You gotta put it on me, wings on the 'rrari
Burnin down that turnpike, puffin on that Marley
n***as know the sneaker game, a fresh pair of Barkleys
Everybody reppin but we see them n***as hardly
This is on my b*t*hes, pants stay fatter than delicious
Know they only schemin on my riches
Like the hard rock, baby got a n***a hard rock
Yellow drop head hard top, vroooom!


About Winding on Me

Winding on Me is taken from the album "Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2)" by Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Ron Browz. It has a duration of 04:00. The genres of this track are: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Rap, Trap, New Orleans Rap.