Wise Lyrics

Ghostface Killah, Hell Razah, William Cooper, Timbo King, Solomon Wise, Judah Priest

[Ghostface Killah]
I think it happened on a Saturday
I heard the phone ring, ding, ding
Who this? 'Vine yo..
Wise guy killed last night by the Tracks
It was the same Ohio n***as teamed up
Sent 'em back, we shoulda thrilled a long time ago
We went this recording, now we owe
The devil slit trough, without an intro
Yo 'Vine, it can't be!
Wise guest-starring me
Can it be, we both got hit
God legendary, he a General
He survived Adolph
Hard to even picture god eaten by gray dogs
He stated his word
And he solemnly sweared
To tell the truth, that his bond was like
"Your out of cure boo"
Wisegod Allah, warrior
XY chromosome, sat heavy on the throne
Touched something for you
Y'all Steubenville n***as f**ked up
Becouse b*t*hes is talking
They living, i'm twisting
You alleybag
You killed my man, you killed my man
And you sent him back
After this day, watch your hats
Slugs flying everywhere

You could smell heaven in the air
You can never get the god, yeah
Now i'm cypher
You've been driving off the same battery
We had, back in '91 that got you hyper
God been beautiful, god been great
God fed you, you'd die if he survived that take
You killed your king, Rakeem Allah
Gave him his light, he was your offspring
Camouflage dog, days was green
One righteous man fought for his right, gods pupil
Yo, that's my fam, we snatch me out of big head van
We taught you how to get gates, from sayin' "peace god"
Islamic translate Allah's tongue, spit the language hard
Alex Haley thoughts, identical twin
My a-alike, the days close
The days close, how'd you know!

[The Dramatics]
Once the sun comes out and the rain is gone..
I know I'm gonna see, a better day
I know I think I'm crying, becouse of you
I'm crying, don't want you to see me cry
Love you Wise, love you Wise, love you Wise!

[Chorus (x3)]
I wanna go outside, in the rain...
It may sound crazy, it may sound crazy
But I wanna go outside, in the rain...

About Wise

Wise is taken from the album "Valley of Kings (Buddha Monk Presents)" by Ghostface Killah, Hell Razah, William Cooper, Timbo King, Solomon Wise, Judah Priest. It has a duration of 04:47. The genres of this track are: Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Rap, Southern Hip Hop, East Coast Hip Hop.
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