You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down (Part Three)

You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down (Part Three) Lyrics


You can't keep a good man down
I'm rising up, Imma little smarter
I see through your falsehood, your lies & stuff
Turned out in the game, I was burnt out in the game
No matter what everbody still knowin' my name
I'm not materialistic, I'm not caught up in the fame
I make a joyful noise, Im tryna bring about a change
Sing a harp with 10 strings like the angels out
Rush closed the store down gust took my house
Let my enemies rise & fall till' the day that they gotta be called
Please recognize my fruit, my heart be the flute
My brains is black gold
You can buy my CD's but you can't buy my soul
Im Melinda's son, Big Mr. Hill
Big Cappa Don, y'all wanted me killed so that the truth couldn't be revealed
Your witchcraft & your devil worship, it don't work on me
My sword bear love you could build a church on me
So put your hands together for the unordinary light
I spread fish be the bread of life
The armor of God, God's to pour through the night
Regardless I fear no evil, y'all pharoahes better let go of my people
It's the annointed, survival of the generation of Nas
So whoever can't see better open they eyes
Hold onto my proverb like a woman in disguise
Allure & seduce you and adulturous that lies
Prayed upon his precious life
Please nourish my thought like a wife
And may the lost generation be found
Because you can't keep a good man down....

About You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down (Part Three)

You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down (Part Three) is taken from the album "Ear Candy" by Cappadonna. It has a duration of 02:58. The genres of this track are: East Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop, Boom Bap.
Other tracks from this album include: You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down (Part Three)